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  1. Dean I used ALA in November . They are a sponsor on pistonheads and seem to get good reviews .use piston12 code for 12% off. Cost about £230 Thats for a shortfall of £15000.
  2. Hi, let me know if you are free this Sunday and if you want to meet. I can come to KT,



  3. Mrkevuk

    How to videos

    Theses videos are the best I've seen on the internet. I like the style. They are so clear and have even given me the confidence to have a go. I look forward to seeing the one about putting the roof in service mode. The ones I've seen always leave me a bit unsure so have never tried it. I've put your website I'm my favourites. Not sure if this is what you do but I would love to see one on how to clean and treat the roof. I have a lot of green stuff on mine ( always park under trees). Is this just a hobby or do you service cars ? Well done and a big thank you.
  4. This does not seem to work for the facelift 986. Does anyone know if there is a workaround ?
  5. Matt and Patt. I'm with Direct line ( been with them for years) they never asked about tracker. I pay about £250
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