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  1. I think the leather was well over the magic sponge treatment.
  2. Easy, just pull the gear up and is out
  3. I have used a can of sliver spray from Hallfords. I think mine was Audi silver metal. I wanted a bit darker and that was the closest to my liking
  4. After 14 years of gear abusing , my gear knob leather was looking pretty tired. Searcing ebay after a replacement was an absolute pain because they go for ridiculous prices. A couple gear knobs which were not in perfect condition sold for £80 and some actually sold for £180. I knew the guys from Top Gaiter had a leather replacement in the store and bought it. It's not easy and my fingers now feel like they have been stretched. I takes a bit of puling and growling to get the thing over the knob but is worth it. Old one looked very tired and felt like plastic. New leather definitely looks fresh and smells good ( you know what I mean nothing like the smell of fresh leather) The plastic had a lot of scratches and I decided to respray it a bit weird this image, but you get the point And it's in (took me about 5 hours to stretch the leather to fit) Decided to make it a little bit darker Getting there And it's done Old and new. The new leather looks great compared to the old hardened and scratched one I will take more images during day ( I really hate daylight saving, 5:30 and is dark ) Well, let me know what you guys think. If anybody is interested in doing this I can give more details, but I thought you will all be bored to death after the length of this post.
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