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  1. Congratulations Patt, merry christmas 😁
  2. Sorry to hear this Patt, best of luck in the job search
  3. Might be worth getting a quote from Aviva or someone @detail1 cant do any harm!
  4. Hi @detail1 I have Aviva multicar with 4 cars including my 986, and a 21 year old. I have found in the past Admiral try it on but will often reduce by large amounts, although I baled with Admiral a couple of years back in favour of Aviva. Aviva do the same come renewal.
  5. Another vote for the Nationwide Flex Plus deal here too, especially if you have a lot of phones in the family , when the repair they carried out on my daughters iPhone5 failed within a month it was replaced by an immaculate used 5s daughter delighted -
  6. Topbox

    Insurance renewal time...

    Same car, garaged, Hertfordshire full NCB with my wife also similar ages about £250 8000 miles p.a. no track, windscreen included, Aviva multi car policy. Social and domestic with European cover.
  7. Topbox

    986 Roof tension cable replacement

    Thats a great " how to thread" thread thats going to be very useful for sure
  8. Topbox

    How to Replace a 986 Tension Rope

    It would appear it is the facelift cars that have clips on the top socket, to state the obvious.
  9. Topbox

    How to Replace a 986 Tension Rope

    My late 02 facelift 986 has the clips, is yours earlier @mike597 ?
  10. Topbox

    How to Replace a 986 Tension Rope

    Good job, Matt ? PS can see a bit of weed on the drive !
  11. Topbox

    Adding additional miles

    Perhaps the policy is rubbish but Admiral have just quoted me £210 for 10,000 miles, for myself and wife as named driver. Have others vehicles insured with them. 2002 986.
  12. Hi Matt

    any news on the car yet from Rev.?

  13. Your inbox is full i think, tried to drop you a PM.

  14. Topbox

    Limited mileage

    Welcome to the forum enjoy your car. Welove picturess on here btw. Insurance is supringsingly low for early Boxsters. My car is for pleasure only and I have averaged around 7000 miles a year. Its the cheapest car to insure on our family fleet of 4. Can't remember the figure now, but can look it up if that helps. Mines a 2002 2.7 self and wife to drive.