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  1. Sorry Edc, been on holiday so just catching up with posts. Seems to be attached with some sort of sticky strip (more than tape and not velcro). Came with it on so best guess ;o)
  2. Sorry guys, I'll do this today.
  3. All, After reading the 987 DRL How To I figured I could recreate the concept on my 2004 986 so…. In use: with ignition on the front LED fog lights are on. If dipped headlight is on the fogs are off. If dipped headlight is on and the light switch is pulled (once or twice) the fogs are on. Normal disclaimers: disconnect battery, I’m not responsible if you burn your fingers or worse your carpet mats, etc. Purchased relay from here. The benefit is that the relay comes with a carrier so that, positioned conveniently, it can be removed leaving the carrier and wiring intact should Mr. Plod or Mr. M
  4. OK, just done a similar hack to my 2004 3.2S. Hooked up a relay to the wiring behind the light switch so that if ignition is on fogs are on (LEDs). If low or high beam is on fogs are off unless the switch is pulled out in which case they're also on. The relay is off of eBay and accessible from above the driver side heater duct in case I need to pull it for purposes of appeasing Plod or at MOT time. If anyone wants a How To let me know. Daz
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