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  1. Is 30th on we hope to make it this time but need details please

  2. How to weigh you car for cheap with bathroom scales

    Interesting, I'm surprised it even worked but well done for giving it a go! The weight difference could be that the car was not perfectly level as it will then exert more force on the one side.
  3. Make the gear knob leather look like new

    Splendid job, what paint did you use for the plastic?
  4. How to: Fog lights as DRL: the Uktinpol 2 hack

    Still running the original bulbs for the time being, I may switch to LED in the future? Any recommendations?
  5. How to: Fog lights as DRL: the Uktinpol 2 hack

    DRL mod done, best 49p I've spent on the car! Thanks drago.d for the 'how-to'