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  1. In light of events..... having tel number / house address I would still call Police now. Just to have it on record. And no. As the communication is about "paying own repairs as knock for knock and very minor damage" I would not inform insurance. That's what I would do.
  2. I would call Police 101 and log the 'incident'........ tell them what happened so it's on record; including the intimidation...... this way you cannot be later charged with "leaving the scene of an RTC" which can carry points and a hefty fine. I would NOT call your insurance. As you say no one will claim (As clearly 50 50) and they might (will) increase your premiums next year / future years.
  3. Looks like you've removed (sanded) too much laquer and base colour around the area. Further sanding and polishing will exacerbate the problem. A respray maybe the best option now. Sorry to bare the bad news.
  4. Separate NCB on each policy AFAIK..... but some insurers will 'mirror' your bonus...... AXA do for me for several years now.. ... my JCW MINI is my NCB and they mirror this for my Boxster insurance. Worth an ask of your insurance company?
  5. Some insurance companies 'mirror' your NCD on second cars..... AXA certainly do. Worth an ask of your insurance company..... or bear this in mind next time you renew.
  6. Wow. As 1st post I have similar details to you and mine is £274 fully comp. With AXA. (Just renewed end if May if that makes any difference).
  7. I use AXA. ... they "mirror" my 19 years NCD discount on my MINI JCW and the Boxster. Very competitive quotes each renewal time also ;-)
  8. If this belt is worn / perished / incorrectly tensioned what are the symptoms? (Would it give a low pitched squeal type sound?).
  9. ^^^ this is why I stopped insuring with Admiral - they were a royal PITA and (I got the impression they) would make any excuse in the event of a claim.
  10. No. Factory fitted so end of. Relax. (BTW I had a similar discussion with Admiral years ago on a Celica T-Sport. ... no claim but each year at renewal they said certain spec was "non standard" even though a factory car !!)
  11. Rip off Britain at it's best. Glad you got a great policy price in the end. Unfortunate about the windscreen though.
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