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  1. 2018 718 fully loaded, £62,000. Renewal notice stated £434, £250 excess with Admiral. Comparison site went as low as £348 with Saga. Spoke to the insurer and changed the personal plate, agreed to match other quote. 6,000 miles pa, wife's car and me as named driver, no cons or bumps, protected no claims. Can't argue with that.
  2. One off payment, no real negotiation either on price, I think they did the MOT free when it was in for the pre warranty renewal check. Did I really type the word free there?
  3. Turned it down during the hand over, following a telephone call, a much more acceptable figure was agreed. Service on the last policy was excellent via OPC. So satisfied as I left.
  4. I took it from the dealer when we bought the 981, but only £400 odd 4 years ago. Made two claims for tyres, nails, and the claims were settled without issues.
  5. I I have 20" painted on the new one...
  6. Buying a new 718 and had alloy and tyre insurance on my 981, it has become very expensive this time... £700! Anyone had a better offer from OPC
  7. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/loans/cheap-personal-loans has to be cheaper....
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