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  1. Just bought a clutch assist spring for €65 from the dealer. The Porsche tax is strong.
  2. Yep, could probably find the individual parts after a bit of trailing around, and would be a lot cheaper. The ferreterias do have lots of obscure odds and ends. Took the lazy and easy option with the kit, horrible price for what it is though!
  3. I have just purchased the repair kit. Found a really good video showing how to do the job. I believe the repair kit comes with no instructions, so this video will be quite useful.
  4. They are back. I think this will be my next little project.
  5. I quite like the idea of modifying the existing 986 cluster to take the 996 battery and oil pressure gauges. To proceed in this way do you still purchase the entire 996 cluster and remove the two gauges which are required?
  6. My car came supplied with one of these things! Was never quite sure what to do with it
  7. Great how2. Would the action of the short shifter improve acceleration times?
  8. Is there a specific type or grade of brake fluid for the Boxster?
  9. This was the first mod I did to my Boxster. I used the short bit of wire approach and it worked a treat. Important around these parts as if only one foglight is operative, it has to be on the correct side which mine wasn't. Having two working solves the problem and must have benefits in the fog or when you get full beam from behind. Thanks for the how2.
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