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  1. Spent an enjoyable evening with the Purdies. :-)

  2. Thinks wish needs to get his camera out.

  3. Thanks for the tips, Aviva happy to cover it for 30 days. Anyone want a Focus??
  4. Any pointers for short term insurance? Need to cover the wife's old Focus until we sell it (next few weeks hopefully). It's just sat in the garage doing nothing at the moment but i'd rather have it insured than not!
  5. Have a look on the "Quidco" site, all the major players offer cashback if you buy via Quidco. Very handy site that.
  6. You can have the car repaired wherever you please, usually the small print states that to get a free courtesy car you must use one of their "approved" repairers.
  7. RAC want £567 for mine this year (today actually), thats gone up more than 10% on last year. Just called Heritage, £496 FC or thay do a policy including track day cover for £800. Hmmm... Edit: RAC not interested in beating anyone else, so Heritage got my business.
  8. I accept that there will be some variation (maybe bread isn't the best comparison), but variations of up to 300% just seem way off in these days of price matching etc etc.
  9. Using the various search engines out there, i'm getting quotes from £440 up to £1200+. Is there any other consumer driven industry that varies so much? I can't think of one. Why does this happen? If you went to buy a loaf of bread at Tesco for say, £1, then Sainsburys were selling the same loaf for £2.50 then they would be murdered in the media for it, so how come the insurance industry gets away with it? When fundamentally, they all offer the same service.
  10. RAC for me. I'm 35, under £500 FC.
  11. Are you serious? "Yes, i'd like to insure an 18 year old Sierra, 3 year old Mondeo estate and a 6 year old Porsche..."
  12. Ah....Steve's special policy. Managed to get some good deals from RAC, under £500 for the Porker (£1 under actually).
  13. Heritage only do classics though don't they?
  14. Just had a quote off them.....£1800! Thats for 3 cars. In a better position now, as the Cossie is on a classic policy I can use the NCB from that on car No.3. Good stuff.
  15. I've had 2 cars for years now, and the impending Boxster will make 3. Are there any insurance companies out there that will mirror NCB form one car to another? I've got full NCB on 2 policies currently, but will need to start a 3rd policy to cover the Boxster or Mondeo, whichever way works out best. Any ideas?
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