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  1. usman10316

    Late MOT

    Always a fun job to do
  2. usman10316

    Dansk Exhaust

    Ah ok - keep me updated on how it goes I may look into a new exhaust at some point in the future
  3. usman10316

    Dansk Exhaust

    How does it sound? Any drone?
  4. usman10316

    A happy customer who isn't actually one!

    What were the best ways to bleed the system? I only ask as I replaced my driver side radiator not so long ago and bleeding it can be a bit of a pain but I just lifted the bleed valve, let the car idle on a slight hill and have just been driving the car around - had to top it off once with distilled water and all seems good now. Revolution are great with giving advice mind you, Danny has been brilliant with advise and help when fixing my 924 and dads Cayman. So kudo to Revolution for their expert advise.