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  1. Hi mine sounded just like that last year and it turned out to be the alternator pulley .There designed to overrun the engine on deceleration mine had jammed up and was chattering at about 1000 . if you have that design of pulley it will have a plastic cover on it , less than £50 for the pulley and the tool to change it regards Andy

  2. Hi Geraint, 

    Can you just let me know please - do you think that it's normal for the hids to flicker for a couple of seconds when they are first switched on?

    I'm sorry to say that I got a hids direct kit - http://www.hids-direct.co.uk/premium-h7-35w-hid-xenon-conversion-kit-smart-canbus-system/

    And I've just re read your thread about hids direct.........other than are start up flicker everything else seems to be ok.


    Thanks for your help.




  3. Been with them for over a year now, signed up to another year. I'm 28 with a 2003 Boxster S, and my insurance is around £500 a year. This is fully comprehensive, european breakdown cover, key cover, windscreen cover, personal protection cover, and so on. The best bit? They're the only company in the UK that allows you to drive other cars not third party, but fully comprehensive on them, as long as they're insured. This is also in the policy. Customer service has been excellent, price is great and the cover is arguably the best on any policy you can get. I can step into any car that's insured now and know that I'm covered fully comprehensive on it. That's a massive bonus. The only downside was that the policy was going to go up over £100, even when they told me that due to moving, it would go down when it came to renewals due to the new location being quieter. But they did tell me this before brexit, so who knows. But after I told them this, they apologised and kept the price the same. Awesome. Just thought I'd get the word out there
  4. Hi.

    Not long got back home had a nice drive Talybont/Brecon + only now seeing your post will catch up with you one day.


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