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  1. Matt, How do you get away with not disclosing your points - I thought it was a legal requirement and otherwise can invalidate your policy - tell me more James
  2. Try Admiral - I'm 30, Boxster MY02 2.7, with 5 years NCB and I pay about £750 - www.admiral.com. They have been very good whenever i've needed to change anything on the policy and get this - u don't sit in a queue for days on end - now theres a novel approach to Customer Service l8rs james
  3. I ended up using Admiral - tried e-sure but they were not able to help the excuse being that the wife was only 28 and had had 1 fault crash (total cost £900):-( Anyway, have 5 years NCB, am 30 years old, and Admiral quoted me just over 800 on an MY02 2.7 so was mighty pleased with that - try www.admiral.com. My wife used Elephant.co.uk previously for her 20V Turbo fiat coupe and they were dreadful when it came to claiming.... l8rs James
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