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  1. I used the hot water and hairdryer and popped it back out, what I didnt realise is that there is another skin so makes it very difficult to press it out from the rear, I ended up using a screw driver to wedge up in-between the two skins and it worked a treat, the paint is hazed and cracked in a few places and there are two parts where the paint has actually come off but I can touch that back in until I get around to getting it resprayed at a later dat, so chuffed. Will try and post a few pics up of before and after later on.
  2. Has anyone tried the hair dryer or hot water method of getting dents out of a bumper, if so any tips?
  3. My cars just ticked over 200,000 on same clutch, might look at this little trick as wife says clutch is a bit heavy when she occasionally drives it. I have noticed the bite getting higher, so might be worth doing.
  4. I was with the AA that covered me not the car but then they put the premium up from £180 per year to £600 per year, cover now cancelled.
  5. Lacquer will keep the stickers in place and not degrade over time, i sprayed mine up, black with white decals but did it in situ, as others have said any imperfections really wont be obvious when on the car behind the wheel.
  6. I wish i had read this before I bought my Boxster would have saved me a lot of wasted time, great guide for the novice and experienced buyer. Thanks for writing it up
  7. Did you ever get the tool and give it a bash, what was the results? Would be interested to have a go myself.
  8. followng your excellet instructions i swapped out the bulb in about half an hour, big thank you.
  9. Thanks for the awesome write up, going to follow your instructions to replace my clock and oil gauge bulb on the left hand corner.
  10. I did that too, easy job and looks stock
  11. Clever bit is highlighted in black below for those not wanting to read my drama lol Bought a hardtop yesterday, after picking up the fixing kit from Porsche Swindon (£80) cheaper then eBay, once I had dropped the spinlocks in place i then used the plastic bag technique to locate the screws so as to not drop them into the body work and screwed them in, dead easy dont know what all the drama was about. Picked up Hardtop and fitted it in a few mins then got back on motorway to head home Bit of wind noise which I though odd, so stopped on the services and noticed that the passanger
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