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  1. @Topbox yep I reckon they all do with the multicar upon renewal. Catch 22 if I keep as is they will reduce my sons by £350 and mine by £75 bringing it to £900 and £600. I know that I can get like for like elsewhere and pay half that for mine, but then my sons goes back up by £350. My heart says tell them to do one, my head says otherwise ?
  2. Having similar issues on my renewal with Admiral multicar, can get my sons Polo down by £350, but only £50 reduction in mine, they want £650 for the Boxster. I can get it for half that with other insurers, but then my sons premium goes back up to £1200 on his own policy, as opposed to £900 (20 year old). They claimed that despite 30 years of relatively trouble free driving, the Boxster is a powerful sports car, and that I may still be coming to terms with this, hence the underwiters have to take this into account- oh give me a break!!! ?
  3. I think you will struggle to get an exact colour match, Renovo do generic colours, but you may need to find a specialist who can mix a similar match. I should note also that whatever dye is applied will deepen the colour and also give a slightly rough feel to the touch. https://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Convertible_Roof_Restoration_Kit
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