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  1. MoOriginal

    Aircon button quick fix

    not bad finish at all do you have any closer shots of the final finish looks a lot better than the decal thing i got shame you lose the backlit part but i guess that would be a nightmare to mask off
  2. MoOriginal

    How to: Headlight conversion Bi-xenon LHD -> RHD

    Nota bene both sets of headlights in this thread are from car fitted with bi-xenons When inserting the extraction tool, it should locate correctly as shown here, with about the same length showing as there is handle with which to rotate it. We had a minor glitch when the complete shaft disappeared into the cavity. The problem was that the tool had gone underneath the retaining bar as shown here This is what we found on opening the rear of the 987.1 headlamp unit The "normal" as opposed to "touring" setting. This was done by Jan and I at side of road while on a car run in about 15-20 minutes - cause of the small issues...
  3. MoOriginal

    How to: Headlight conversion Bi-xenon LHD -> RHD

    We tried this at the side of the road today and it wasnt hard ! great write up