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  1. Thank Gordon, my premium is high enough already to be honest, even with max NBC etc. I might give them a go but if tracker is manditory (unless was only due to your value) that would be a stumbling block as would have to be third party / retrofit one and don't really what to go with that. I am happy'ish with the policy I have, it just seems since it transferred from Marsh it has been diluted somewhat in the cover with little or no difference in the cost. But it is more the cover as costs where pretty much same for all quotes I got. I may have to reduce the mileage expectation as that restricted some policies. Will deffo have a look at a nfu and a few of the specialists mentioned by others again.
  2. Just having a look at this thread again myself, I ended up with the 'Porsche' branded scheme now being managed by Carbon, again it is an AVIVA underwritten policy and as far as I can tell not much difference than the standard AVIVA policy, apart from the branding, I need to read through it again to check the Windscreen cover. Gordon, did the AVIVA private clients policy have any particular enhancement on the policy cover such as the windscreen cover etc, would be interested to know. John
  3. Now you know how to hit a guy when he is down, hitting the 50 later this year was shock enough, but still got a few years yet before I get any of the 'freebies'.
  4. Thanks, probably end up going with the Porsche Scheme, it looks like due to the value tracker is a sticker on a few I have called, or they are limiting on the mileage, one policy was a max of 7.5k with no option to extend, which I don't want to do even if I don't get near the policy mileage I don't want to be controlling my use by that.
  5. Just an update to this, as I have had a second letter about this now with the latest one from the 'new' administrators of the Porsche Insurance Scheme, so gave them a call to see what the costs will be like and if any changes etc ready for when my renewal is due in a few weeks time. The advisor I spoke to was very helpful and had a good understanding of the scheme so from the admin side all seems ok so far, and their admin costs for amendments is lower than Marsh charged previously. Initially they are ONLY quoting for existing renewals and 'Only' if not lapsed, but hopefully will change soon as I was hoping to have a quote for the Cayenne with the same scheme to simplify things (and hopefully get a discount) but will have to wait for now. There are a few changes to the policy for this year which is still under the same underwriter (Aviva) the changes are mainly to do with limits for non car related things (lower claim limits for the new policy), increased Excess (up about £250) AND the Track-day cover has been dropped (see below), assume the limits will effect anyone when they renew on this scheme from now on, as these are scheme changes rather than individual from what I understand. As mentioned the Track-day cover has now been 'dropped' all together, so anyone renewing will need separate cover if required ( not a big one for me as not used up to now, but was one of my considerations). As far as I know (but don't quote me) the rest appears to be the same cover, but I have got to read the info on their new policy first. Now for the critical question Cost£££££££? I had hoped my premium was going to reduce a bit, as discussed previously it was on the 'heavy' side last year, put it down to a recent purchase and vehicle value last year and didn't have much time to shop around last year, but no luck yet, even with another year of claim free motoring (10 years ncb @49years), it is about the same as last year give or take £50, at a princely sum of £950!! So need to decide if it is worth the extra for the 'Porsche Scheme', the things that convinced me last time where the 'guaranteed porsche original parts used only for any repairs', Continental Europe cover mirroring your U.K. Cover included as standard. No tracker required as most other policies I looked at required one.
  6. Also went for ALA here as well to cover 981 GTS when bought last year. I also went for Vehicle Replacement Plus so hopefully claim limit £50k should cover the shortfall for a replacement vehicle, even up to 5 years if still owned then although I guess that depends on the new cost in 5 years, well 4 years from now. Similar to @boxsternoob56 whose previous post on this got me looking at these companies, the cost of the policy I went for was £443 for £50k cover for 5 years As above I had a look at Shortfall as well, both Shortfall and ALA are underwritten by UK General Insurance on behalf of Ageas so as far as I could tell on the broker was different and they both seemed to offer the best cover to me so either would have been good. Also if vehicle sold before 5 years were up the policy could be transferred to another Vehicle.
  7. I guess it might not be that much different apart from the any 'general' increases across the car market. I guess it depends if they get the same underwriters as before and it is literally a transfer of admin or ends up as a completely new scheme. Looking at their web site they currently do 'High Value / Specialist Motor Insurance'. Did try to call them (Carbon) this morning to see if they had started quoting / issuing any quotes yet, but looks like they operate the same 'broker' opening times Mon-Fri 09:00 till 17:00, so will have to wait till Monday.
  8. Just an update, anyone with the Porsche / Marsh / Aviva scheme had a letter / new quote yet for 2017? Just had a letter from them this morning informing that the admin is moving from Marsh to Carbon Insurance Brokers, no info why etc, just wondered if anyone had any dealing yet with the new admin and any changes as mine is due very soon, so entering the looking around time.
  9. Thanks Stuart, have gone with them (Porsche/Marsh) in the end was a little bit lower in the end but still more than had expected but was costing me more time on phone than the extra cost, and wanted it sorting for tomorrow. Had some quotes today from A-Plan as well but the only decent one required a tracker to be installed otherwise they where the same as above. Anyway all sorted now for another year. Thanks. John
  10. Thanks, also good to know. Hopefully there has been an error on mine or something. I did think it was strange that it was so much higher, and I was comparing with the larger of the on-line such as LV, Hastings etc.
  11. Will ask the for a quote without business travel tomorrow to see what the difference is as well.
  12. oops! sorry that was based on a car with a value of £65K it is actually 10% of the value of the car, quite a lot but for a track day cover I guess that is normal? Just read my op the excess was only for the Track Day cover
  13. Thanks for info good to know, I also have found them easy to deal with apart from the price!, I got the offer of the 7 days comp cover but wanted to see what the full policy would cost, I have at least 9 years no claims, no points etc and the car will be garaged, but was quoted more than double the Aviva policy. Not sure if my business cover it pushing it up but that was the same cover for the Aviva policy. Think I need to speak to them again but I did question it and was told that was their best quote.
  14. I have been looking at different insurance companies for the new car which I pick up on Friday. My current insurer (AXA) insists on a tracker so that's out of play now, as it doesn't have one, although not against having one, it will need retrofitting and from what I understand the only one that my OPC fits is only in use once activated following a theft detection with the separate fob (no constant monitoring) so don't really want to got with that. The AXA policy was good as you can make admin changes on-line such as number plates etc with automatic policy generation and usually no admin charge. So along with doing the usual comparethemarket search where there was all the usual companies with similar costs etc around the £400-£500 mark and some crazy ones as well, I have also had prices separately from both of the companies listed below although both the same underwriter. Aviva (Direct): Was about the same as the ones above, with existing customer discount. The quote wasn't too bad given the value, use etc (including Business travel not just commuting), their policy does state though that they may use parts or accessories not supplied by the original manufacturer, not sure how often that actually happens but if that is the case that would be out of the frame. Porsche Insurance ( Marsh )- (Aviva - underwritten): although this has some included extras such as 2 track days (£20 admin each with £6.5K excess) and does state Porsche Approved Repairer and Parts, has up to 3 months per trip European travel cover at the normal policy level, however it was twice the cost of the standard Aviva Policy. I know insurance is always a personal thing as costs vary so much, with age, driving history, location and cover required but would be interested in anyone with experience of the 'Porsche Scheme'. The cover is the main factor for me as why pay for something that will not provide what you want or need, however if another policy gave equal or better cover then not an issue but with a lower cost then all the better. ,
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