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  1. I'll take the grilles if you still have them however I cat pm you... can you get in touch.  cheers

  2. Can't contact you mate .

  3. Yes, greenlight mirrored my ncd even though I wasn't with them on the 987, the Clio was limited to 2000 miles (I think!) A year & it was only £200 or so, yes expensive per mile, but that's to be expected at that milage per annum
  4. Greenlight were very good if I wanted to increase my mileage on my 172 when on a limited mileage policy.
  5. Greenlight are by far the best insurer I've ever used. I fitted many aftermarket parts to my Clio throughout the policies and the only time I got a charge was for my private plate (obviously an unavoidable Admin fee) They're always very competitive & were fantastic when I wrote off my civic. Completely pain free claim process.
  6. Still can't fault greenlight in any aspect. Neil mirrored my no claims from the 987 onto my 182 for use over the winter, with it's slight modifications & an accident on my file it still came out at £291 for the year. Looking forward to renewal time when they can quote me on the boxster (no rwd experience yet) as I know they'll be massively competitive.
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