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  1. How to - Upgrade to a 996 Instrument Cluster

    Thanks both, Will get onto this job this weekend.
  2. How to - Upgrade to a 996 Instrument Cluster

    Thanks @Lonewolfgjp, getting closer, so about shoulder height, do you remember if that is that drivers side or passenger side? do you think it could be done by just removing the 'Belt' Cover and using an inspection lamp for illumination? Loosening the old 986 one seems straightforward, were you able to do up the new larger 996 unit with just a open-ended spanner, as I don't have a crows foot spanner. edit: Sorry memory of a goldfish, upon reading Jon's write up again I see he says it's on the Drivers side and recommends the Top cover removal Anyone else help with the wire question? Thanks in advance.
  3. How to - Upgrade to a 996 Instrument Cluster

    I have recently performed this upgrade to my Canbus car (very pleased with the results by the way) And am just about to change the oil pressure sender unit over, which I picked up from the OPC the other week. This has led me to a couple of questions which don't appear to be answered either in Jon's write up or in the Pelican Parts article. One is straight-forward and will be useful for me and for anyone else doing this mod: Namely, where exactly is the oil pressure sender unit located? I cant quite place it from the photos, Jon says to remove the 'belt' engine cover from behind the seats, but the Pelican Parts says to remove both this cover and the main 'Top' engine cover, so that doesn't really narrow it down, if anyone can confirm which cover is best for access and if I am then looking on the right, left or top of the engine that would help me greatly. Although It might be clear once I remove the cover(s)? be useful to know where to start anyway. My next question is a bit more pedantic and apologies to everyone who thinks I'm being a bit an&I here. But what colour should/would the new wire, running from the G connector in the unit to the instrument cluster be on a 996. Looking at the photos on PP I can see Green/White stripe (which seems to be the same as connected to the WK connector, so I would want to avoid that really) There are also lots of pics of Yellow wire and one of a Solid Green wire (might be a covering sheath) when clicking on the additional pictures bit. If I had lots of electrical wire lying around then I probably wouldn't be too bothered and just use what I had, (what I assume they did) but I don't have any, so will have to buy some specially for this job, so why not get some in the correct colour code. Anyone able to help?
  4. PPI insurance

    If you know some basic details, name of business, maybe an account number then you can approach the Financial Ombudsman Service directly, they are helpful and completely free, you'll find most of these companies touting for some of your money, will use them on your behalf if the bank initially says no. Www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk 0300 1239123