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  1. that's a kind way of describing what it really is, and that's a right minefield surrounded by a moat full of sharks.
  2. Congratulations on a well deserved promotion!

    lets hope you can top it off with the title now!

  3. Hi, hope you're fit & well. I've just been reading your thread re Tyres. I want to change my front two as they have been on he car a while (7years). I was tending towards the Michelin Pilot Sport as I understand you did. When I googled them I kept finding PS 3 not the PS 2 mentioned in your thread by a couple of contributors. So my question is twofold. What's the difference? and which did you go with.

    Regards Dennis

  4. try phoning APlans Thatcham office, they sorted my two cars a treat and mirrored my NCD
  5. So after speaking with a few brokers / insurers Richard at A Plan Thatcham came up trumps for me. Both Cayene and Boxster insurers, gave me full 10 year NCD on both and was about £300 cheaper than Aviva's renewal offering. Helpful guy and dead chuffed with the outcome.
  6. hi, looking to insure my 2 cars, Boxster 987 RS60 Spyder and also my Cayenne. I'm with Aviva, have 10 year NCD which they mirror on both. Cay does < 15k pa, Box does < 5k.

    Box is garaged, Cay on drive in private road.

  7. Hi All, ive just had my renewal notice through from Aviva which so kindly informed me that I don't need to do a thing and that they were so kind they would auto renew for me.. All very sweet of them and of course I have no issue at all with their 42% increase in premium, despite me not having a claim, issue or any incident whatsoever.. must think I fell of the top of the Christmas Tree. Where I need some help is that I have 2 cars, my Boxster RS60, 8 years old and does about 5k per year, the others an 18 month old Cayenne Diesel that does 12k. I have them on a multi car policy,
  8. how do I attach a picture avator

  9. how about this then, spoken again to Admiral and they have done the change for an extra charge of £19.10. when I asked what the total years premium will be he said it would just go up by £1.20 for the year. Yes you've guessed it, the £19.10 is made up of £19.00 admin fee and 10 pence extra premium !!,
  10. I need to change my cover from my mx5 to 987 for this Saturday. I'm currently with Admiral on a multi car policy which also covers my Cayenne. when I phoned the the other day they quoted me an extra £35.00 to adjust for the rest if insurance period which is I think 6 weeks. I reckon I will pay that and then use the next few weeks to shop around and see what I can come up with.
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