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  1. that's a kind way of describing what it really is, and that's a right minefield surrounded by a moat full of sharks.
  2. Congratulations on a well deserved promotion!

    lets hope you can top it off with the title now!

  3. Hi, hope you're fit & well. I've just been reading your thread re Tyres. I want to change my front two as they have been on he car a while (7years). I was tending towards the Michelin Pilot Sport as I understand you did. When I googled them I kept finding PS 3 not the PS 2 mentioned in your thread by a couple of contributors. So my question is twofold. What's the difference? and which did you go with.

    Regards Dennis

  4. try phoning APlans Thatcham office, they sorted my two cars a treat and mirrored my NCD
  5. So after speaking with a few brokers / insurers Richard at A Plan Thatcham came up trumps for me. Both Cayene and Boxster insurers, gave me full 10 year NCD on both and was about £300 cheaper than Aviva's renewal offering. Helpful guy and dead chuffed with the outcome.
  6. hi, looking to insure my 2 cars, Boxster 987 RS60 Spyder and also my Cayenne. I'm with Aviva, have 10 year NCD which they mirror on both. Cay does < 15k pa, Box does < 5k.

    Box is garaged, Cay on drive in private road.

  7. Hi All, ive just had my renewal notice through from Aviva which so kindly informed me that I don't need to do a thing and that they were so kind they would auto renew for me.. All very sweet of them and of course I have no issue at all with their 42% increase in premium, despite me not having a claim, issue or any incident whatsoever.. must think I fell of the top of the Christmas Tree. Where I need some help is that I have 2 cars, my Boxster RS60, 8 years old and does about 5k per year, the others an 18 month old Cayenne Diesel that does 12k. I have them on a multi car policy, which gives me the facility to mirror my 10 years NCB to both vehicles.. Im the only driver, however my daughter has used the Box twice in a year as a named driver on that car only so am thinking of taking her off. Are there any brokers/insurers that would insure the cars on separate policies and allow me the NCB on both? Ill be beggared if I'm lining the pockets of greedy Aviva anymore.... suggestions gratefully recieved
  8. how do I attach a picture avator

  9. how about this then, spoken again to Admiral and they have done the change for an extra charge of £19.10. when I asked what the total years premium will be he said it would just go up by £1.20 for the year. Yes you've guessed it, the £19.10 is made up of £19.00 admin fee and 10 pence extra premium !!,
  10. I need to change my cover from my mx5 to 987 for this Saturday. I'm currently with Admiral on a multi car policy which also covers my Cayenne. when I phoned the the other day they quoted me an extra £35.00 to adjust for the rest if insurance period which is I think 6 weeks. I reckon I will pay that and then use the next few weeks to shop around and see what I can come up with.
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