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  1. He last visited the forum in October 17 so don't hold your breath. Sadly alot of posts messed up when photofekkit started charging.
  2. You would presumably have tp keep adjusting them to get the roof to close properly. And i think you would have problems getting the caps to locate over the ball joints.
  3. Did exactly the same a few weeks ago. Plastic ends are better as they are designed to be sacrificial.Some useful threads is you search. Main tip is wrap some tape round the pushrods to mark the position of the caps before you remove the broken ones. That way it's easy to position the new ones accurately.
  4. We must have at least quadrupled diode sales between us! I ordered 10 only to find 4 kindly sent foc with the DRL's I bought.
  5. You would need to use a smidge of base colour first.
  6. Saw a really interesting demo on a PCGB visit to Poole Accident Repair yesterday. Recommended way to fill a stone chip is with SUPER GLUE!!! No fancy tools needed - just used a pointed plastic tool (toothpick also ok or sharp point of pieces of wet and dry), drop a small blob of glue into chip, wait a mo then smudge with wet finger (or apparently you can buy an activator spray), then sand with various grades of wet and dry and DA or Rotary polisher with coarse compound and coarse pad. He applied ZERO pressure with the polisher. Interestingly the guy also said fancy microfibre cloths and fancy expensive waxes etc etc are a waste if time. A dishcloth or old t shirt works just as well and there are only 6 or 7 companies in the world making waxes etc so alot of products from different brands are actually the same, just branded and marketed at higher prices . I heard exactly same from the guy who painted my car recently. Only ceramic which is recommended as really durable is Tribos which is used on super yachts and aircraft - can be used on windscreen too which completely removes need for wipers BUT costs several thousand to do whole car!
  7. Update: have given up on diy and am going for a front end respray - frunk lid, pu and top of wings to blend in. Got two local quotes; the first at £550 from a small 2 man band and the second from a larger, more 'professional' looking operation who quoted £1100 plus VAT. And suggested refurbing head and side lights for £180 on top. A bit of a Porsche Premium there methinks. Finally i got in touch with the owner of Caesars Camp Accident Repairs in Aldershot (not quite local!)who i talked to during some very impressive bodywork demos he was doing during our recent PCGB visit to the local indy, Marque 21. They use him for all body and paint jobs and reckon he's far better than anyone local. Turns out he lives locally and despite his day off came over this morning to look at the car. His quote was £480 + vat so he gets the job. Colour will be matched using a spectrophotometer so should be exact match and car will be waxed etc. Despite the distance, given the recommendation and having seen his demos it's an easy choice. As it happens will be in the general vicinity of Aldershot in a couple of weeks so can drop the car off then. Watch this space for the results.
  8. I looked at the Fastool previously but for the cost wasn't confident enough to risk it. As you say it wouldn't be appropriate at this stage. Depending on how latest trial turns out i may go for a respray anyway as the lid is peppered with really tiny chips anyway.
  9. The original package finally arrived on Tuesday......to be followed on Thursday by the replacement that the supplier had offered me, so a frustrating initial delay but they did at least come up with a solution. Have applied the paint meantime and leaving it for a few days to cure before sanding back. Airbrush is probably a step too far.
  10. OK thanks. I ordered touch up paint from the supplier you suggested and despite it supposedly having been despatched on 22nd it's not arrived yet. They claim an issue with Royal Mail checks but i am becoming increasingly sceptical!
  11. That would be very useful. Last repair didn't work. Now awaiting delivery of 1 stage paint as you recommended. Tips on sourcing airbrush might be useful and what's blending solvent? Thanks for continued help!
  12. OK great, thanks alot. Am in process of refinishing the other two spots beofre rubbing down the first one so i'll see how they turn out and if unsuccessful i'll see if i can get the right all in one colour from your source.
  13. Not sure i completely understand. Did some work today ro try to refinish one spot. Initially tried mixing base and clear together but that gives a very opaque finish without sufficient depth of colour or hence cover. So, have done 2 coats each base and clear with touch up rather than spray, gently sanding each coat before the next one. Have now left the final coat to cure overnight before sanding tomorrow. Looks promising so far but ultimately will depend how it turns out after polishing.
  14. I sanded VERY carefully which just adds to the disappointment. Not ready to give up yet and nothing to lose anyway!
  15. Tried filling some chips a while back using touch up paint and clear coat. Great match but left an unsatisfactory halo effect after clear coat and i ended up going through to what looked like original Grey primer when rubbing back prior to polishing. In an effort to rectify i bought spray paint and clear coat from same source and spent ages last week re-finishing. This involved sanding back, waxing surrounding area to prevent overspray sticking, spraying 2 coats of paint and 2 clear coat through a hole torn in paper in an effort to avoid any lines from masking. Initially this looked very promising BUT, having waited a few days for clear coat to harden, today tried sanding back the edges with various grades of wet and dry and rubbing compound to blend in the repairs then polishing with DA leading to a finish which is equally as bad as before. Whatever i do seems to result in a sort of very obvious halo and any effort to remove this effect leads eventually to exposure of the base Grey primer. I reckon a light coat of paint would cover it but can't do that without additional clear coat and more rubbing back which is a vicious circle. I'm out of ideas; anyone else got any beyond a total respray?? Here's one after sanding but before DA And again after DA
  16. Hope you got cash back. Swap my car and household insurances around every year, generally between Aviva, Esure and Direct Line. Always go through Quidco or Top Cashback. Got a great deal and £60 back from Aviva on the Boxster last year. Same process for renewal next month. Got existing customer deal (20%) and £60 cashback on Mrs Rocket’s Clio too this year. Cheap as chips
  17. Well done; this is the one i mentioned in my reply to your post just now.
  18. If you mean the ones in the original post they are lost and gone for good (see Photobucket has gone rogue' thread and lots of recent comments) unless T24RES finds another hosting site and edits his post.
  19. I got a very good deal with Aviva...but of course it depends on all sorts of factors.
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