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  1. I used to be with Aviva (Boxster and BMW dd), but for the past two years I've been better with NFU (price and cover), renewal is next month so waiting to see what they offer!
  2. You lot...🤣 Now, to get back on topic, while looking on amazon at the pen I spotted these https://www.amazon.co.uk/Power-TEC-91452-Touch-Tips-Set/dp/B00ATPNSKA/ref=sr_1_1?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1549235650&sr=1-1&keywords=touch+up+sticks Anyone used them? They look good too, I'd imagine filling the pen with ink and then cleaning it a bit of a faff every time I had a stone chip to do. I have used cocktail sticks a few times with decent results.
  3. Delighted to hear things are now looking good for you Patt, hopefully it turns out to be the best thing that could have happened 😁
  4. I’m feeling the wonderful BoXa community ‘family’ spirit here - after just three years I feel that I know many of you even though we haven’t met. I too can feel your stress Patt and I sincerely hope you are soon appreciated for the skill and personal qualities you obviously have. Good luck. I would think anywhere that (including an OPC) you would sell a car to rather than trade it in against another would settle the finance - I hope it doesn’t come to that as it sounds like you might be in a position of negative equity - so better to keep the payments going if you possibly can rather than be in that position.
  5. @Sazzy I wonder if the road you are moving to is a bit more ‘out of the way’ and has a record of more crime/ car theft. Anyway, I wonder if you have tried NFU - there may even be a local office in your area? I only ask because I have found them to be excellent - OK there’s no agreed value or track day cover (not something I wanted anyway) but they do offer everything else you could want. I also had an accident in France in May (not my fault) and their claims team was brilliant - all settled now and I’ve had a renewal since with no penalty on my premium. Good luck with getting sorted - hate to see you lose the Boxster ?
  6. How are you getting on? NFU are great for my 991 (just under 300), no trackdays (not planning any for now anyway) but all the cover I need otherwise.
  7. To bring the matter of which insurance to choose to a close - until next year at least, I have gone with NFU, very happy with the cover and price - plus they have a local office so I can deal face to face if I want. The all - singing high net worth/private client policies offer excellent cover but at a cost which I can't justify, as even though I've scraped enough money together for a new 991.2 I don't consider myself to be in that category of customer.
  8. That's exactly how I feel about them too - as I have said in the Porsche/Marsh/Aviva thread they have offered me very good cover at a great price, very nice to deal with too and great to hear how well they handled a claim. My requirements are challenging - six drivers on my soon to arrive 991.2 GTS (so well over £100k worth), but they had no issue with that and have given me what I consider a very good price too.
  9. Hi John Yes, the Aviva Private Clients quote (through A Plan) is pretty comprehensive - legal, breakdown, enhanced courtesy car, choice of repairer, unlimited screen cover. Excess on my quote was £1000, screen excess £100. They also insist on the tracker being activated at all times. The problem I have it's just too expensive (well over £1k) compared to 'normal' policies elsewhere - but it is very good cover and worth asking for a quote as even though I live in a low risk area I want five named drivers which may be hiking the price up. NFU is the best overall quote so far, they are happy with six drivers, the cover is as good as any normal policy (and no mention of the tracker being required), they are happy to use all OEM parts but I might have to use a repairer that's not Porsche approved, but they will allow me to choose if I insist (I think I lose the courtesy car) - when I think about this the Porsche approved repairers are so thin on the ground I expect a good repairer would be fine if all OEM parts were used. NFU win lots of awards and seem to have excellent reviews from customers who have had claims. So at the moment I'm still considering things as I have plenty of time, but it looks as if NFU is favourite. If I was wealthy and not bothered about the cost and wanted the best cover then A Plan or a similar quote I have from AIB would give complete peace of mind. Gordon.
  10. Hi john,I spoke to Clare who was very helpful and gave her all my details and named drivers etc - I have since been contacted by A-Plan Private Clients department who have recommended a policy from Aviva Private Clients. The cover in the policy is excellent but it is more expensive (to me anyway) than other 'normal' policies I have had quoted. I'm weighing it all up at the moment and have another quote due so nothing decided yet.
  11. I've yet to hear from Locktons despite filling in their online form a couple of days ago, but I will see what they say about this - it sounds just like another quote I have from a 'high net worth' policy where there is loads of great cover and benefits but at a price - they too don't use the ncb system. Providing Locktons play fair with you in future you would be OK staying with them. I am a bit skeptical of the 'protected' part of the ncb system - it's great when you have a few years with no claims, but if you have an 'at fault' accident the price goes up even if it's protected because going elsewhere the claim will load your premium no matter how many years protected ncb you have. Say you stay with Locktons and you are unfortunate enough to have a fault claim, if they keep to their word you would pay just a little more at renewal. Then consider if you move and the same happens - you would end up paying a bit more then too in my opinion. A tricky decision for you. If you can get equal cover elsewhere (keeping your protected ncb) at a reasonable price then it might be worth moving, but it might be better to stay for this year and shop around in plenty of time for next year - if Locktons have a lot of customers unhappy or leaving they may change their stance by next year.
  12. Thanks for the info John. It does seem the high value of the vehicle means having the tracker on, I wouldn't bother otherwise as the annual subscription is expensive in my opinion - plus I'm not sure I want the car back after some tea leaf has hammered it from a cold start. Our insurance is cheap here, car theft is non existent (so long as you don't leave keys in for a possible joy rider) as they could never get a stolen car off the Island. There are major drawbacks with the Aviva quote though, very high excess, and I could end up paying the full cost for a OEM windscreen if I needed one, also I'm concerned about them being 'difficult' if I wanted a Porsche Approved company to repair accident damage. I'm hoping Carbon (I'm told they will be selling Porsche branded cover from September just like Marsh did), Locktons, or maybe AIB can provide better cover even if the cost is a bit more, but I need to wait a couple of weeks as most of their quotes are only valid for 30 days.
  13. JC has beaten you to it! And yes, could we get back on topic please - I want to talk about insurance!
  14. Interesting thread, I am now looking around at insurance for my 991.2 GTS which arrives in a few weeks. Has anyone had recent dealings with Aviva/Marsh/Carbon/Locktons? My present insurer is Aviva and they insist on the tracker being activated which is £235 per year. This adds considerably to the cost, but their premium is reasonable at under £350 so might still be the best. Very high excess of £1500 though. Aviva will let you choose your own repairer but at an additional excess of £200, also windscreen replacement may or may not be OEM part - if not I can get it done at a place of my choice with OEM screen and they will only contribute £110 towards the cost. So not ideal cover but until I have a couple of other quotes to compare with I don't know how good it is. Do any of the other insurers now insist on a tracker? Aviva said it was due to the high value of the car (over £100k), so I might find all insurers will insist on it. I know a couple of members here have high value 911's so I'd be interested in hearing how you got on @r1flyguy and @JohnSyn if you don't mind telling me? Gordon.
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