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  1. Davey P you got a good deal I may try them next year I'm a bit older than you so probably worth a shot. Regards...Pete
  2. That's just it Scubaregs I got no warning until the renewal letter said they would be taking x amount out of my account just before it was due, insurance companies are sometimes a little devious IMO hoping you will let it take it's course, the letter arrived with just a day or so before renewal possibly hoping I would just pay and not challenge it. It was only when I made the call to them that they had a change of heart and reduced it. I personally think that could be seen as trying to pull a fast one. Almost £80 more than last year is not a small increase. The other company I use gave me a better deal this time £20 cheaper than last year, I think there a few companies who reward loyal customers but sadly not many. Regards....Pete
  3. I'm so glad I check my insurance quotes, mine was on Automatic renewal and if I hadn't checked I would have been stung because on this occasion the quote for renewal was almost £80 quid more!! so I called the company I deal with and asked them to take it off automatic renewal. When they asked why I told them politely they were taking the mickey, 30 seconds later I got IT £10 cheaper than last year so a good result in the end. Amazing what a phone call can do. So for those of you who do have Automatic renewal be wary. Take care all.
  4. Here are some of the quotes I had for my insurance. There are some real corkers here: Starting with the biggest I will not mention the company names just the quotes £10,562 yes I know they are taking the p@@S or it was a mistake. £1100 £1200 £900+ £860 £640 £460 £360 I went for A Plan @ £325 fully comp do me lovely this year, see what next year brings. I did have my V8 accident 2 years ago when a Large Skip Wagon went into the back of me at a set of red lights, so that cost his insurance company a lot of dosh. So even though I recovered all the costs I reckon I am still being stung. Pete
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