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  1. My bolding. I saw lots and lots of people get made redundant during the period 2007 onwards - I always thought that I was so lucky to have avoided the axe falling on me, however it did fall a few years ago. Very, very fortunately my experience was similar to @Scubaregs -- I enjoy what I do now a lot more; I have a better work life balance; and am much happier person overall. Wishing you every success in the world @Patt .
  2. I have done some research on this, two points that may help @ndjfb00 (1) ADAC -- gets lots of good reviews on the internet from various based forums and is worth a look (2) Car insurance -- we have an Aviva multi car policy that is up for renewal, they are offering RAC EU breakdown for less than £100 per year
  3. guest1

    Optimised plate transfer ballet?

    @Jon61 -- I have two data points to your question. On both, the cars did indeed revert to the registration that was applied when they rolled out of the dealers as brand new cars. At some point in a few years, I will have a third data point when the Merc gets traded in -- however as our private plate was the first one applied to the car, I expect it will just be issued a generic plate.
  4. guest1

    Optimised plate transfer ballet?

    @AlanAmbrose the others have given good advice. My only pointer having just done this -- once you take the plate off the old car, you will need to wait for the new V5 to come through from DVLA before you sell it as -- strictly speaking -- the V5 showing your private plate becomes outdated.
  5. We had one for alloys, albeit on our MB. When we tried to make a claim, it was pointed out to us that the policy didn't cover diamond cut alloys so was a pointless purchase -- premium duly refunded by the dealer. Their suggestion was for a bloke in a van to turn up and repair the wheels which I wasn't happy with having seen some of the sterling work done for people on this site.
  6. guest1

    Car Allowance

    Check the fine print. One of my clients insisted that -- for people taking cash allowance -- a Board director sign off on the type of car they bought with it. Questionable legally, but you don't really want to get into a bun fight with a new owner
  7. guest1

    Roof outside of the channel or gulley

    Thanks @Beanhead
  8. guest1

    Roof outside of the channel or gulley

    Where did you get the elastic from @Beanhead ?
  9. guest1

    Roof outside of the channel or gulley

    Fantastic find !!!
  10. guest1

    How to: Fog lights as DRL: the Uktinpol 2 hack

    I am always amazed at how you guys are all happy to try such stuff. I confess that I am scared sh*tless at the thought of evening giving this a go ....... Maybe one day