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  1. Toeside

    Battery charging

    I simply use a 12v/cigarette/aux socket with a modified plug lead and flex lead (trickle charger is low current). Place in a 12v aux socket, switch ignition on (important) check trickle charge is charging. The car needs to see the current flow from the charger or (in the case of the 981) the socket will be turned off after around 20 mins. Once checked, switch off ignition, close door over the cable which is easily accommodated by the rubber seal without any cable damage. Lock car , retire for coffee or tea. This is in a garage btw. I have been keeping the previous 987 and 981 (now) charged with this method for over 5 years
  2. Just removed the front bumper on my 981S searching for a AC leak and really struggled to disconnect the electrical connectors for the bumper electrics. The connector blocks sit either side tight under the head lamp platforms within the plastic arch trims. I realised that I really didnt have a clear knowledge of how to release the tab and was in danger of braeking something in such a tight space so I fiddled with the head lamp connector (easier access) to practice. I made this short video!
  3. Try a cocktail stick ........... and paint .............. low tech works
  4. No worries and no hurry. Have great holiday
  5. Thanks a bit of investment ..... but I bet it looks good!
  6. @Roch1969 Any pics of the GTS front end and a "How too"?
  7. Might help things move but not necessary. Main thing is keep things warm and if your getting frustrated on the first side go and have coffee and cool off and then go back and have another try. It is a straight forward job once you figure out the clips.
  8. I can confirm. The clip arrangement is a right royal PITA around the exhaust. I did post some pics but they were lost when the photo sharing app stopped allowing free stuff I think I might still have them some where. Another tip especially at this time of year is to keep all the plastic warm. It helps prevent snapping clips and gives you a little more margin to flex stuff without damage. Good luck!
  9. £377 from my usual £577 from Lockton ?? Prices have gone up for me. Further shopping required!
  10. Exactly .......... sorry missed the last post
  11. Haggle ............... there is a deal to be struck. Check elsewhere and try to price match?
  12. Great stuff I like the share of tips and strip downs! is that Bob Newhart?
  13. Use a metal cutting blade or very fine cut and tape the area to be cut. Shouldn't be a problem.
  14. Tidy job. Well done Eddie. Looks very OE!
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