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  1. H&R lowering springs install: new video

    Great stuff I like the share of tips and strip downs! is that Bob Newhart?
  2. 981 clear wind deflector MK2

    Use a metal cutting blade or very fine cut and tape the area to be cut. Shouldn't be a problem.
  3. 981 clear wind deflector MK2

    Tidy job. Well done Eddie. Looks very OE!
  4. Fitting a GTS rear diffuser to a 981

    Yes if you look at the up close shots I have tried to indicate how the clips interact. Have you got some trim tools flat pry types available? Use tape to protect paint surfaces
  5. Fitting a GTS rear diffuser to a 981

    Its a great low budget OP mod. Two methods for fitting now documented. Give me a PM if you get to carry it out on the car although I have listed all the learning I discovered. Figuring out the clips (pics posted on the thread) and having some trim tools are key getting the job done.
  6. 981 Clear rear wind deflector project

    What's wrong with a jigsaw and some files? Us "craftsmen" will get superseded by machines
  7. 981 Clear rear wind deflector project

    +When I am away from work ...........basically I need to find things to do
  8. 981 Clear rear wind deflector project

    Yes is the simple answer. However I wanted a set up that I could just clip in and clip out and can have two camera's in place front and back. The height is slightly better also I can raise the mount bar by a further 10cm towards the top of the deflector if needed. Not keen on sticking things to the interior either. + I also have spare a wind deflector to play with
  9. 981 Clear rear wind deflector project

    So the prototype screen camera mount is made. Its a bit over engineered I think but its very rigid and it can fit the camera facing front and back. Its not quite finished I need to make it look pretty The pictures are with the protective film still on the screen its clear perspex type underneath btw.
  10. Fitting a GTS rear diffuser to a 981

    Thanks to you and @topradio for the help on my project.
  11. Fitting a GTS rear diffuser to a 981

    Before After ..........much tidier I think
  12. Fitting a GTS rear diffuser to a 981

    Just had to unclip the pdc sensors not disconnect. Very simple thankfully ................easiest part of the job !
  13. Fitting a GTS rear diffuser to a 981

    Front view of the centre middle clip arrangement on the exhaust trim
  14. Fitting a GTS rear diffuser to a 981

    @T24RES It helped me with access to the centre area. I had loosened all that off a few weeks ago as I found that on the 987 they were well stuck together and it took me ages to release and I don't want the same to happen on the 981. I would start with removing both diffusers at each wheel and working in to the exhaust. The second side was easier with the centre plastic support loose
  15. Fitting a GTS rear diffuser to a 981

    So after eventually getting the correct parts (Porsche sent the standard diffusers with the part number for the GTS diffusers ) I set about fitting the diffusers. I looed at topradio's excellent thread but had noticed on an US thread that it could be done without removing the bumper. I started but soon decided that it was impossible and was looking to remove the bumper. However having sleeping on it I decided to tackle it again. After releasing the fastners and working from the corner of the diffusers at the rear wheel I started to free the clips working my way to the exhaust centre trim using fingers and trim tools and on the visible clips I opened them ad then fed strips of plastic in to stop them re-clipping. As with every one else the centre clips on the exhaust trim are difficult to access but I got some decent photo's to show others what you are trying to do. Centre trim with side diffuser removed close up The RED 'D' is representative of the diffuser clip when inserted and the exhaust trim tab fits into the 'D' You need to lever the tab out of the 'D'. I used a long shank flat crew driver to lever it out. Access is incredibly bad though. See the pic below showing the diffuser and clip in situ The fitted diffuser ! Certainly an awkward wee job!