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  1. We have no problem insuring Cat D and Cat C cars providing they have been repaired and have a valid MOT. If you wanted us to look at a quotation for you we can do quotes via our website www.greenlightinsurance.co.uk or via our telephone system 01277 650866 Kind Regards Neil
  2. We are also able to offer a mirrored NCB policy, from a price point of view the Boxster will definitely be cheaper without your daughter....Then if she needs to use it once or twice a year you could just look to do a Temp Add Driver for a short period. You will probably find that the cheapest quote for the Cayenne can be had via the comparison sites like go compare, so it may make sense to break the policies up so you have the cayenne insured with your NCB online and then do a mirrored NCB policy elsewhere with the Boxster. If we can help with a quotation please give us a call on 01277 650866 or drop me a PM with your contact details and we can get in touch to run a price. Kind Regards Neil
  3. Often Camper Van and Classic Car Policies are mileage based and not NCB based. It will depend on the insurance company you are with and how they issue the NCB. You may find a company that can offer a Company NCB discount if you can get a claim free letter from work. Kind Regard neil Greenlight
  4. What you might find is if Swinton havent confirmed your NCB yet and they are actually basing the cancellation refund on an annual premium as if you had zero NCB? You can ask them for a Breakdown of how the "Time on Risk" charge as been calculated. The charge for the time you have had on cover will be proportionate to your premium so if you set the policy up on a high initial premium any cancellation will be to scale. Kind Regards Neil
  5. As a broker we deal with 11 different underwriters not just LV, the LV policy just offers the most flexible benefits like track cover, free modifications and EU cover. You get a hire car for the duration of repair, the 14 day hire car you are refering to is an added benefit you can pay for the give you a hire car for 14 days if your car is stolen or written off when normally with any insurer you just have to wait for the cheque. The LV insurance group have one of the best claim departments in the business with 5 star reviews. We have dealt with LV for years and never had any problems. We had a Total loss last week on a modified S2000 that they paid out for in less than 5 days. Also had a policy last week with LV on a Camper Van that the customer had insured for £8000 when LV engineer inspected the vehicle he felt that the vehicle was worth closer to £13000 so despite the customer only listing the vehicle as £8000 LV still paid him £13000.....The service they offer is amazing. They score an 8.9 out of 10 customer satisfaction rating out of 9560 independent reviews. LV bought the Highway insurance brand years ago so the claims department is actually LV not Highway its just the name they carried over. Even the policy booklet you receive is LV. Kind Regards Neil
  6. Dean If you wanted to drop me a PM with you contact number i can get in touch to run the quote through personally for you. Kind Regards Neil
  7. We deal with a number of different underwriters including LV, Ageas and Markerstudy
  8. With our modified policies we are able to add a number of modifications free of charge (we operate a BHP banding approach so you can modify the vehicle within certain BHP restrictions free of charge, so where suspension would not increase the BHP it would free to add) We also cover the mods like for like in the event of a repair. Kind Regards Neil Greenlight
  9. We offer track day cover for existing customers and costs are between £35-£65 per day depending on vehicle value and driver age etc. We can also add track day modifications to your policy free of charge so if you wanted to add things like roll cage, buckets seats and harness's etc we would have no problem with that. We can cover all UK tracks apart from Castle Combe due to the bad accident record there. Kind Regards Neil
  10. Can you give me an indication of costs for trackday cover on a 991GT3 ?

    Cover for current market value please!




  11. Peter I can help with a policy on the Porsche if needed, we can do a low mileage second car discount. With 5k miles on the Porsche the price should come back VERY competitive. (with a mirrored NCB so you can put your 14yrs on the other vehicle) Then personally i think you would be better insuring the BMW and Yaris separately, you could do one in your name and one in your girlfriends name and the quotes for those i image would be massively less on Go-Compare if taken as individual policies. Multi Car policies are convenient but often end up paying more in the long run. There are a few other suggestions i can make as to where to get the cover on the other two cars. If you wanted to drop me a PM with your contact details id be happy to give you a call tomorrow to look to see what we can do. Kind Regards Neil Greenlight
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