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  1. Immobiliser info for all vehicles is available on the Thatcham site - see http://www.thatcham.org/security/index.jsp...e=75&c=cat2
  2. My online MoreThan quote was going well until I asked for Class 1 business use. They refused. Same result through Confused.com. But as Halifax reduced their price at renewal by about £40 I stayed with them. They were by far the lowest.
  3. I just checked Peart and Manning. Both £150 - £200 more than my renewal from Halifax.
  4. Get everything squeaky fixed before warranty expires. The extended warranty gives less coverage on stuff like that.
  5. I'm with Halifax. By far the lowest quote. But when comparing quotes worth asking about Green Card for foreign travel (if you do any). Most insurers I have used before allow 30 days free. Halifax allow 3 and then charge a weekly rate. So the two short trips I have done this year (4 days each) have each cost about £20. Not much but adds up if you are a channel-hopper. I only noticed the lack of foreign cover when reading the policy details after buying.
  6. The key words are probably "any parts not listed are specifically excluded" whatever they say on the phone. And from previous posts worth checking whether your OPC would charge you for inspection prior to taking on the Porsche warranty. Seems to depend on OPC, service history etc.
  7. IMHO if it excludes the car's electrical systems it ain't worth a jot. If you read the content of what is covered in the Porsche contract vs this, you are paying for stuff that is unlikely to fail and not paying for stuff that is. Everything from Variocam solenoids to the aircon electrics, soft-top motors etc is all excluded as I read it. The equivalent Porsche list is a pretty comprehensive list of just about everything except bodywork, door seals and the like.
  8. Just called them for a quote and asked them why Porsche had dropped off their web listing. She put me on hold and came back to say they no longer do Boxsters on their Warranty Direct product but would do so through their "Dealer" product at about £450. She didn't volunteer any details and I didn't push it as I don't want to be tied to a apecific dealer. She was pretty non-committtal when I quizzed her on their "why go through a middleman?" marketing when this appeared to be exactly what she was offering. Hmmm.....
  9. Sorry Java John - should have added insurer is Halifax for 2.7.
  10. £380. South Norfolk, 8 years NCB, bordering on geriatric - but it was worth the wait!
  11. Quoteline Direct did the same with me - the letter came from the leasing company used by my company. Also 8 years.
  12. I was with them last year for the Box and also for my wife's car. Policies with NU. This year I found a much better quote from Halifax/Sainsbury's Bank/Esure for the Box. But they are friendly and efficient and you normally get to talk to real people - and they try.
  13. Better hurry up with the Hill House Hammond offer - Norwich Union own them and have announced they are closing them down shortly!
  14. I think Porsche Insurance is handled by Marsh, typically using Norwich Union as the insurer. Strangely about a month before I bought my Box they gave me the best quote I had had anywhere, but by the time I wanted to sign up they were £100 more expensive than the best broker - with a very simiar policy from NU.
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