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  1. Least it’s getting used on all those short journeys ???
  2. Oldboy 63

    Insurance renewal time...

    Just had renewal come for 996 ,nothing fancy courtesy car ,windscreen and legal ,£269 gone up £16,can live with that.
  3. Oldboy 63

    Renewal Letter

    AXA, got it of compare the market and breakdown from Green Flag.
  4. Oldboy 63

    Renewal Letter

    So renewal letter came today for the 911 from a company who deal with the over 50.I nearly fell of the chair ,so I have sent the afternoon on phone and internet.End result was a saving of £465 by splitting the insurance and breakdown cover.So a good afternoons work.
  5. Oldboy 63

    How to videos

    Great videos
  6. Who have members used for track day insurance? as about to book a track day at Bedford Autodrome
  7. Oldboy 63

    Multi Car Insurance

    I was quoted today by Direct Line £584 for my 2005 987 2.7 .Went on compare the market and am now with Saga.With break down cover it came to £325.