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  1. A good quality battery will cost more than £40, yes you could maybe get one for that but not sure how long it will last, screen wash again good quality will cost more than £1.20 for 5 litres.
  2. One thing most people never mention, but was drummed into me when I started as an apprentice nearly 30 years ago. Should always take off the master cylinder top. Reason being when you push the pistons back in the caliper the fluid goes back to the master cylinder, if it has at some point been topped up the excess fluid has to go somewhere, normaly forced out the breather/vent in the lid. Not ideal to have brake fluid squirting out of effectively a pin hole, it will certainly spray some distance. Only takes 30 seconds to take the top off I always take the top off and put a rag round the neck so it should absorb any excess fluid
  3. I'm only paying about £170 for my 986 S, not protected and no legal, couldn't see the point nowadays with the legal bit as there are loads of no win no fee solicitors about.
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