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  1. It seems that the plastic hinge on the centre console glove box lid is a weak point. Here's how I fixed it: Start off by taking the lid apart - remove all of torx screws from the bottom plastic part and it should separate from the top leathery part. Now push the shaft of original plastic hinge out and remove the plastic leftovers of the broken hinge. Hold on to the shaft as you shall re-use it. Then take the plastic part to a hardware shop and find a metal hinge that is 'a near fit' - it should be just wide enough to fit into the recess in the plastic and one half of it should have the knuckles arranged so that it (nearly) fits the plastic. I was lucky to find one that was almost right: To separate the two parts I had to drill through the punch mark, after that the shaft slid out easily and the two leafs were separated - one will be discarded while the one, that (almost) fits, will have to be modified (how much depends on how close it is already). In my case, I had to shorted it about 10mm (didn't really measure, I just went with trial & error) and grind a bit of the knuckles: What you want to achieve is that it fits nicely in the recess in the plastic part in it's 'closed' position: When you're done with cutting and grinding, you can paint it black to make it less obvious. After the paint cures, you can put it all together - align the hinge leaf, insert the shaft and reassemble the two halves of the lid: To mount the repaired lid in the vehicle, I used a bit of two-sided sticky tape on the metal hinge. I aligned and closed the lid and made sure, that the tape stuck to the plastic base - then I carefully opened the lid, making sure not to move the hinge. I then marked out both holes with chalk, removed the lid and drilled two small holes (size depends on the screws or rivets - I decided to go with screws). And the end result:
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