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  1. Cat D insurers

    My insurance co will insure CAT D cars, as I've asked the question in the recent past. They made it clear that they will only pay out about 60% of the market value of the car from the outset, which was fine by me, as that is all the car would have stood me. I'm still repairing the car ( 12k mile 2010 Gen 2 Boxster 3.4 Tip), and have probably already sold it to a friend, so I'm not likely to have to bother insuring it myself, but at least I know it's possible. The insurance co is called Pace Ward, their number is 01782 286311. I've been with them for about 8 years, and find them accommodating and competitive. I have a multicar policy with them covering a Lexus , my works van, my much modified Evo and my 3.2S 987. I pay £1400 for all 4 fully comp. Try them for the Cat car, they will be happy to quote.
  2. multi car renewal - advice please

    Bit late to the party, sorry, but if anyone needs the same advice in future, I use a company called Pace Ward. I have 5 vehicles on one policy, one is the Porsche, another is a much modified Evo, a Mk1 MR2, an elderly Lexus IS300 and my work van, a 59 plate Ford Connect 110 Limited, insured for business. I pay about £1500 for them all. They're worth a call. They only charged me about £180 to add the Boxster on recently, and I hadn't long renewed, so that's pretty much representative for the year.
  3. Multi Car Insurance

    Hi, I have 3 cars and my van on one policy with Pace Ward. The van's a 110 Limited Ford Connect, value 10k, obviously covered for work use. Car 1 is my '03 plate Evo, Jap import, much modified, 5k miles per year, agreed value. The Boxster, '05 plate, 5k miles a year, value 13k. Lexus IS300 Sportcross, '04 plate, no mileage specified per year, worth maybe 4k if I'm lucky! I pay £1400 for all that, and I'm very happy to do so.