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  1. Insurance renewal time...

    I'm saying nothing more ... but I only speak the truth
  2. Insurance renewal time...

    Well my wife is a nervous driver, does about 1000 miles year, hits anything stationary in her path and still gets dirt cheap Insurance 😌
  3. Insurance renewal time...

    I have seen odd Insurance quirks. My 17 year old son (at the time) had a policy with a 3000 mile limit. He then started driving to College and to see his girlfriend and we realised it needed to be more like 12000 when I went to renew all of our policies. They quoted me a price before I told them he needed to have 9000 more miles on the policy. When I told them the policy dropped in price by about £200 from memory. I queried this - not because I wanted to pay more but just to make sure they were doing the right thing as it seemed odd, 9000 more miles on the road = more exposure to risk surely? They confirmed the price was correct and could not explain why it would be less. Yes I know he would gain more experience in those miles but also expose himself to risk at the same time?
  4. Insurance renewal time...

    Just checked. You do have to be a member but if you are not they will join you with effect until the next renewal date.
  5. Insurance renewal time...

    Not sure actually. I told him I was and the track day cover is only for PCGB organised events.
  6. Insurance renewal time...

    I just called them and my ballpark cost without going the whole hog on the quote was £300 - they explained no NCD will come into play as noted above, any PCGB organised track event will be covered, full breakdown cover etc as you noted above. I'm tempted to wait until October then take a policy out with Lockton as this would mean the forthcoming PEC drive (end of October) in my own car would be covered as its PCGB organised. This would mean I bin two months of Admiral cover as I am sure they won't be interested in refunding anything to me... This is a little more than Admiral charge for my car from memory but it seems you will be dealing with a reasonable human being rather than a computer (says no), and will cover some of the trackday events I would like to start to take part in. I have also submitted a request to Manning to see what they offer but I don't really feel like trawling through 1001 companies to save a couple of pounds...
  7. Insurance renewal time...

    Did you discuss track day cover with them?
  8. Insurance renewal time...

    Thanks, I may give them a call, thinking of extracting my Boxster insurance from my Admiral Multi-Car policy at some point anyway...
  9. Insurance renewal time...

    Hi @Pezky what is the PCGB trackcover at Lockton - is this just cover for events organised by PCGB? Is there any limit in terms of number of days? Thanks.
  10. Adding additional miles

    I had the same issue when I first got my Box...
  11. Stay logged into the forum

    Just disabled my iPhone wireless to force it to use 4G and a different ip address. All my devices are still working merrily. Strange one.
  12. Stay logged into the forum

    I don't get logged out every half an hour or when I swap between devices. Just sat here with my iPhone, laptop and tablet all logged in with no problems. But I do have to log in (with cached credentials so it's no hardship) for no apparent reason sometimes. No idea what triggers that. Probably not happened to me for a week though. So we have three different scenarios triggering a login request so far... No consistency!
  13. Admiral insurance

    I forgot to say I also moved to Admiral for house and contents insurance a couple of weeks ago as a linked customer for car insurance and managed to knock about £150 off my renewal with Nationwide for a better specified policy.
  14. Admiral insurance

    I have multicar with Admiral and my 987 is also the cheapest of the three cars insured but is worth the most and is certainly the fastest, and is not even the car that covers the least miles on the policy!
  15. Aircon button quick fix

    Thanks, I knew I had seen that somewhere in the past!