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  1. How to: Fog lights as DRL: the Uktinpol 2 hack

    That would be Photobuckets attempt to extort cash out of everyone... Many forums have lost photos to this fairly recent change at PB. There is a hack for Chrome to display photos still - I have not used this and can not recommend it - up to you if you want to install... http://thefactoryfiveforum.com/showthread.php?25628-Photobucket-fix-for-CHROME-users
  2. Insurance renewal time...

    Yep I used the PCGB valuation service. I received my letter back the same day I believe. Very straightforward and Manning were quite happy with this and the photos I sent over for a guaranteed valuation figure.
  3. Insurance renewal time...

    Now moved the Boxster to Manning - as above £309 and a feature set I am happy with Admiral tried to bump up the overall remaining policy cost as I was reducing the number of cars covered - after a bit of discussion it's come down to a level I am happy with (less than last year for the other cars) so job done for another year.
  4. Insurance renewal time...

    Looks like I’m going to move to Manning. I’ve spoken to Locktons, Manning, and A-Plan. And I have had my renewal quote through from Admiral - but I already know I’m changing. Their renewal was just under £500. I’m sure I paid £300 something last year. Manning come in at £309 including agreed Valuation, track day cover, ability to choose own windscreen supplier (at a slightly higher excess than their default supplier), European driving, legal cover, own choice of repairer if the worst happens etc. Everything I had on my list. Oh they are also taking my 5 years plus of no claims from my company car on the basis of a confirmation letter from the company - and this is protected. Lockton and A-Plan were higher cost and had slightly different features.
  5. Insurance renewal time...

    My renewal is due in December as well. Currently I have the Boxster on my multi-car policy with Admiral though I intend to move this off and onto a more suitable policy when I renew. I tried to speak to Admiral about things like track day cover, guaranteed value cover, changing between summer and winter wheels/tyres, the value of options, my cherished plate etc and they were massively inflexible and could not understand my needs - if it's not in their menu they don't have an answer. I will leave our other cars on the MC policy with Admiral though to make my life easier. I had spoken to Locktons recently and their quote was not that far off Admirals price, in a couple of days I will be within the 4 week period of the Admiral policy so will get it sorted then...
  6. Car Allowance

    Agreed, though I'm sure policies vary hugely - I know the company I am with essentially don't have a policy other than it much be taxed, insured, MOT'ed etc and if you can't drive it for whatever reason then it's your responsibility to sort out a hire car or whatever. I chose on my last renewal a year ago to stick with a company lease vehicle (though I had reasonably free reign with this as long as I kept within the rough cost band of the last car) - next time I think I will probably go my own way and take the allowance...
  7. Winter storage & tyre flat spots

    How long do you think you will leave the car in that position? Reading online in the past - as long as you inflate the tyres to their maximum pressure and you are in a garage so never gets too cold then flat spots are unlikely to develop even after a few months - if at all.
  8. Insurance renewal time...

    I'm saying nothing more ... but I only speak the truth
  9. Insurance renewal time...

    Well my wife is a nervous driver, does about 1000 miles year, hits anything stationary in her path and still gets dirt cheap Insurance 😌
  10. Insurance renewal time...

    I have seen odd Insurance quirks. My 17 year old son (at the time) had a policy with a 3000 mile limit. He then started driving to College and to see his girlfriend and we realised it needed to be more like 12000 when I went to renew all of our policies. They quoted me a price before I told them he needed to have 9000 more miles on the policy. When I told them the policy dropped in price by about £200 from memory. I queried this - not because I wanted to pay more but just to make sure they were doing the right thing as it seemed odd, 9000 more miles on the road = more exposure to risk surely? They confirmed the price was correct and could not explain why it would be less. Yes I know he would gain more experience in those miles but also expose himself to risk at the same time?
  11. Insurance renewal time...

    Just checked. You do have to be a member but if you are not they will join you with effect until the next renewal date.
  12. Insurance renewal time...

    Not sure actually. I told him I was and the track day cover is only for PCGB organised events.
  13. Insurance renewal time...

    I just called them and my ballpark cost without going the whole hog on the quote was £300 - they explained no NCD will come into play as noted above, any PCGB organised track event will be covered, full breakdown cover etc as you noted above. I'm tempted to wait until October then take a policy out with Lockton as this would mean the forthcoming PEC drive (end of October) in my own car would be covered as its PCGB organised. This would mean I bin two months of Admiral cover as I am sure they won't be interested in refunding anything to me... This is a little more than Admiral charge for my car from memory but it seems you will be dealing with a reasonable human being rather than a computer (says no), and will cover some of the trackday events I would like to start to take part in. I have also submitted a request to Manning to see what they offer but I don't really feel like trawling through 1001 companies to save a couple of pounds...
  14. Insurance renewal time...

    Did you discuss track day cover with them?
  15. Insurance renewal time...

    Thanks, I may give them a call, thinking of extracting my Boxster insurance from my Admiral Multi-Car policy at some point anyway...