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  1. rowbos

    Will it be covered?

    Fair comment. I might have caused a reaction previously with my very sensible and considered suggestions. 🤔
  2. rowbos

    Will it be covered?

    No idea on liability in this circumstance but have you had a polite word with her and asked that she drive around the roundabout according to UK conventional rules to avoid any possibility of an accident?
  3. rowbos

    Porsche Parts Catalogue

    Interesting, just downloaded for my current car and saved the link for the future, thanks
  4. Wow! Are you moving into the Cornish equivalent of Beirut? 🤐 Who have you had quotes from?
  5. rowbos


    Same on the company car front. Manning gave me maximum NCD based on a letter from the company stating I had made no claims for > 5 years...
  6. rowbos

    Insurance renewal time...

    Manning Insurance. 50 years of age. £300 cost pa. Agreed value of £30K. Track day cover. 3000 miles. OPC repair and windscreen (or wherever I want to take). And there is always someone there to sensibly discuss anything. I could not recommend more based on my current experience.
  7. rowbos

    Insurance renewal time...

    I guess the commute element and increased mileage must make all the difference. Quite a difference though!
  8. rowbos

    Insurance renewal time...

    Same. Very quick response - a valuation letter emailed back within 24 hours. Just apply from your account details page from memory.
  9. rowbos

    Insurance renewal time...

    You are clearly a risk and a danger on the road 🤐 My basic facts for insurance are ... I am 50. Live in the middle of nowhere. 3000 mile limit on the Boxster. Use of 3 other cars. 5 years no claims (taken from my company car policy with no claims made) Might just make all the difference.
  10. rowbos

    Insurance renewal time...

    Try Manning, they ended up with pretty much the lowest quote for me, guaranteed value, track day cover, OPC repairs, OPC windscreen replacement, very easy to deal with and responsive by email with a named contact who maintained contact with me as I asked lots of questions...
  11. rowbos

    Locktons PCGB renewal

    I have no links with Manning so diss away My cost for exactly what I wanted with an agreed value, trackday cover, OPC Glass replacement and repair etc was considerably less than my previous insurer and as competitive as anything I found elsewhere - so they suited me this time round...
  12. rowbos

    Locktons PCGB renewal

    Manning gave me 5 years no claims based on no claims on my company insurance and have provided great service so far... Also apologies but I had to get this in there!
  13. rowbos

    Locktons PCGB renewal

    That is why I went with Manning in the end, I liked the Lockton story and the link to PCGB but for what I needed Manning gave me more for less...
  14. rowbos

    Lifting and Jacking a Boxster

    Is this just to swap your wheels over - summer-winter? If so I tend to use the rear jacking point with my trolley jack, slot an axle stand under the front jacking point and put a wheel under the rear of the car next to the trolley jack in case it fails. That way I can swap both wheels on that side without too much effort, then I do the other side...