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  1. Great 👍 Mines still on my desk... Did you clean each individual chip with alcohol or similar first?
  2. Clearly you are much higher risk than me 😄 Seriously no idea why this would be. Though it might depend who I am ultimately insured with as Manning are just the broker. I will take a look tomorrow at who the insurer is underwriting my policy to compare for you? As I said above I have simply emailed on each occasion and get a confirmation back same day usually. They have also given me a (small) discount for taking the CAT driving day course...
  3. Yep, they have covered me FOC for the CAT Driving day plus the last PEC drive your own car day. I just email them them and they respond so I have it in writing. 10% excess on track...
  4. I use Manning, great personal service, track day cover, guaranteed value, genuine OPC repairs, less than Admiral for me!
  5. I have agreed value with Manning too, valuation from PCGB and no additional cost on the policy I believe.
  6. Probably someone in her management chain. They must have changed things around with H&S in mind 🤔 Have you received any post at all this week or do your post days seem over?
  7. Good stuff. I have some on my bonnet and being black they do show up. I have a couple of paint options. Chipex and an OEM Porsche touch up paint. Just need the time and inclination to have a go. What did you clean yours with? Standard thinners?
  8. That looks like a decent result - it's a bit hard to tell - are you pleased?
  9. When did you move out of Scotland? 😋
  10. How I abuse myself in the privacy of my own home is my business sir!
  11. Cheers mate. Appreciate it 😳 I’ll save a few of these little pr*cks for the voodoo doll I’m just creating for you...
  12. No, used for overtly spearing olives in the main 🍈
  13. Found them. They were at the back of the cupboard. No custard available though, will Tofu do? 😏 And they are rather posh little pr*cks, nicely turned, not like your standard common cocktail sticks...
  14. That’s library. I only have one container! I will take a photo when I go downstairs 😇 Just looked and they have been moved from the cupboard in the kitchen. Will interrogate my family later. Have to get ready to brave the elements for Hayes Motor Museum!
  15. I have separate special implements for my cheese and pineapple as it happens. I wouldn’t be without these. I couldn’t resist when I saw them in the deli 😌
  16. Now received. Looks quite neat. And far more techie than a cocktail stick. Mere shaped wood pah! 😇
  17. They tried to deliver mine today but I had popped out and it’s at the Post Office - will collect tomorrow) assuming the failed delivery is this!). Annoying as they normally leave everything on the porch for me.
  18. Waiting for delivery, I believe it's expected today as I ordered Wednesday night as I lounged in my hotel room idly browsing...
  19. I know. I’m a sucker for gadgets though 😋
  20. I also chose Amazon as the supplier so it was £8.82. I’ve had issues in the past using Amazon storefront suppliers who might be a little cheaper but Amazon direct are super reliable and if you have any issues there are no questions asked.
  21. Yeah I saw that. But that pen for £26.99 also states... (so I looked further and found the cheaper Loew option that apparently is identical - I have one on order now?)... ✅ IMPORTANT: You will receive an original "KingArt Inkline Painting Pen" which is EXACTLY the same as the "Kemper Fluid Writer Pen" or the "Loew Cornell Fine Line Painting Pen". There are no qualitative or optical differences between these three pencils.
  22. Here you go... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Loew-Cornell-Fine-Painting-Other-Multicoloured/dp/B004YZXV8U
  23. That looks a very neat solution. Found the paint tool on Amazon for £8.80. I might have to grab one to try... I have tried Chipex with mixed results. Sorry no help to you but thanks for a good find 👍
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