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  1. Jason986S

    Thank you from AIB Insurance

    I spoke to one of your staff just yesterday and not only undercut my best price by over 10%, the personal service and cover offered was great. I think it was Megan I spoke to. I need to ring back and take you up on the cover today/tomorrow. Glad I thought to check this BoXa forum for an insurance sponsor for my Alfa.
  2. Jason986S

    Insurance renewal time...

    Must resist in appropriate sexist generalisation comment.
  3. Jason986S

    Insurance renewal time...

    Interesting but also weird. I know the black edition is limited, and the roof would be harder to source, but in general the panels and engine are no different to another 987, which is just an older Boxster than the 981. Insurance is odd
  4. Jason986S

    Tescos car insurance

    Another adequate correction ?
  5. Jason986S

    Tescos car insurance

    Their cr*p way of saying "we'd rather not insure you mate".
  6. Jason986S

    Insurance renewal time...

    I had similar questions with various "specialists brokers". Even the comfortable ones were hundreds more expensive. I got a brilliant deal with ample cover/extra's for a 3rd of the price of Flux (with a mainstream insurer).
  7. Jason986S

    Insurance renewal time...

    Not with eSure no. Locktons briefly yes, but I can't remember what was said much more than a certain number are covered organised by Porsche only and covered only with prior notification of participation
  8. Jason986S

    Insurance renewal time...

    I'm with eSure. very helpful. Waivered various fee's. Significantly less expensive than some mentioned above. I was tempted by Locktons for the inclusive breakdown cover and PCGB membership/track cover. But I have a breakdown policy with the RAC and I can get PCGB membership anytime if I want it. Maybe worth calling them. £200 cheaper than Adrian Flux and they do multi-car.
  9. Jason986S

    Anybody with sheilas wheels ?

    It's a legitimate advertising campaign when they pop up on go-compare. So jokes aside if you leave a handbag or backpack on the passenger seat and it gets stolen. They'll cover it.
  10. Jason986S

    Anybody with sheilas wheels ?

    They're basically admiral/elephant undr another sister brand name arent they? Least you'll get free handbag and contents cover lol.
  11. Jason986S

    Another insurance scam

    I'm not surprised. Glad they got jail just for making the opposing form go under costing over 300 innocent jobs.
  12. Jason986S

    Anyone insured with Lockton??

    Locktons were fantastic when I wanted insurance earlier this year. I didn't go for them as they were more expensive than my current insurance.
  13. Jason986S

    They've written my 986 off

    I would want £5k and the car in your position. Sorry to hear about the incident though. I would be so stressed and irritated. I thought they would be obliged to offer you the car back if you asked for it. As you know it's mechanically sound, the Cat-C is merely cosmetic and some can see past that if the repair is spot on. Just consider the few grand you'll have left over after the repair, which you can add back to what you sell it for in years to come. You'll have lost no/little money that way (as you'll get less for it as a cat-car).
  14. Jason986S

    Adding additional miles

    I have only been questioned by specialist insurers, never comparison site/mainstream companies. Yet they're willing to throw a policy at you/us for cheaper, no questions asked. I've never owned a RWD car before the Boxster, but my history of modified & tuned cars and Jap imports helped (when asked). All were FWD mind.