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  1. From my experience Admirial is the only one I've come across that asks this, on the online quote system anyway.
  2. A simple indicator to find out would be to put info into one of the online car insurance quote systems, like direct line. I normally use an address close to me and random letters for the name and a different reg for a similar car. Do 2 quotes with the same info, one without a fault claim and one with would give an indicator to possible increase
  3. CMA

    A Plan Insurance

    yes they do. Got my daily driver through them
  4. Can't help with your locktons details but I had to use Autowindscreens last week to replace mine as stipulated in my policy with Markerstudy. They replaced the Saint Gobain one with a pilkington one. Bloke did a good job, took him 2 and a half hours, he was happy that I sat and watched him like a hawk, and offered help every now and again. all done in my garage. Mine cracked at the bottom edge too, he reckoned it was a stress crack due to the pot holes been hit over the years.
  5. CMA

    Adding additional miles

    The many joys of Flux....that's why I no longer use them. Most policies you can add extra miles no problem for a fee. Did you mention when you signed up you may want to increase them? if so they will have that call recoded and you can instigate a formal complaint with them. Always found A-Plan a pleasure to deal with. Even when I had a no fault claim it all went smoothly.
  6. CMA

    981 Clear rear wind deflector project

    Sounds great, if we could find someone to create the file needed. Ideal for a Porsche Crest or model number for engraving. I'd be in for one.
  7. CMA

    981 Clear rear wind deflector project

    Do you do a line in licences for the templates I could be interested
  8. CMA

    981 Clear rear wind deflector project

    Oooo very nice. Something I need to do too, got the perspex. Guess I could use the existing mesh frame as a template?
  9. CMA

    A Plan Insurance

    Had A-Plan when I had my kit cars, stayed with them when I got the 981, got my Audi with them too. Prices have always been around the best for me. Having had a no fault claim with them on the Audi earlier in the year I can say the claims process went smoothly too. It's not just the bottom line price that's important if you have a nightmare claiming for anything. But claiming through them was pain free (although that pain may come on renewal, we shall see....)
  10. CMA

    Adrian Flux - superb!

    Got bitten by the FLux cancellation fees and transfer fees before. Not a pleasurable experience. I had A-Plan insurance on my old kit car. Sold the car 6 months into the policy, fully expecting to be told it's £xxxx to cancel it and I'd just leave it to run until the end as a cheaper option. But turns out very different and they refunded a good portion of unused policy. Well impressed.
  11. CMA

    Cat D insurers

    I found the opposite, even for my daily driver, Audi A4 V6 TDi was much cheaper with A-Plan than anywhere else by quite a margin, Box was cheaper with them too. but the Mrs old 1.3 yaris was far more expensive. I guess all places have their own desired risk levels set so one place might be good for one person but unsuitable for another. Just done a quick quote for mine on Aviva and the want almost double what A-Plan wanted. Ouch....
  12. CMA

    Cat D insurers

    Try people like A-Plan and Adrian Flux. More specialist insurers who handle the edge cases better than the mainstream companies who really don't want the business.
  13. CMA

    Admiral insurance

    Can recommend A-Plan above, used them when I had kit cars and gave a great price when I got the boxster (not associated with them in anyway)