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  1. RBD914 v2

    Insurance renewal time...

    The Porsche dealer did allude to the fact that if a 987 has a bump on the rear wings, it is very expensive to repair because the wing is one complete panel which includes the side sills going the full length of the car! The 981 has a smaller rear wing panel as it is seperate from the side sills. Maybe this has something to do with the premium hike?
  2. RBD914 v2

    Insurance renewal time...

    More expensive to repair apparently!
  3. RBD914 v2

    Insurance renewal time...

    My insurer wanted an extra £100 to insure my 987.2 Black Edition for the remaining 5 months compared to my former 981 GTS - go figure!?
  4. Researching insurance at the moment and Saga are coming out as the cheapest for decent cover! Got to be some advantages of getting older!
  5. RBD914 v2

    Renewal Letter

    Ta, I will give them a try as a fellow old boy!
  6. RBD914 v2

    Renewal Letter

    Which company came in the cheapest?
  7. RBD914 v2

    A Plan Insurance

    Thanks for the pm, my insurance is due in November so will be shopping around next month!
  8. Here's a link Angus.... http://www.whatsonlanarkshire.co.uk/event/004355-porsche-in-the-glen/
  9. Ah well, some other time then! I'm planning on going to the Porsche Show near Hamilton on the 28th August, not too far for you is it?
  10. You will be looking forward to collecting your new wheels on Saturday Angus! Perhaps see you somewhere in the Thirsk area at the weekend. Rob
  11. I hear what you are saying re new replacement cost from an OPC, but you can get a new set of genuine Porsche wheels with tyres for less than half that on eBay. See link below. I declined the insurance on the basis that I only use the car in Summer and even then not as a daily driver, so the chances of me ever needing the insurance is low. Also you are unlikely to damage all four wheels and tyres, more likely to damage one perhaps and that can be replaced for less than that premium. But as they say, "You pays your money and you make your choice!" Hope this helps! http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=112037410202&globalID=EBAY-GB