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  1. Having done this to my previous two 987's and my current 997.. the hardest part for me has always been pushing the diode into the plug as the wire is almost as flimsy as solder wire and bends very easily.....i am not know for my patience and delicate touch mind !
  2. i think for the cost + agro VS a new roof (fitted =< £900 ) you had to seriously consider a new roof ?
  3. Just did this mod in about 10 mins.....I too was worried about getting the ignition barrel out as I'm a bit heavy handed but it came out easy...No force is required. thank you to Guvs for pointing to this thread and also the note about not forcing it. i do have a question re MOT tough ive brought these lights, again big thank you to Guvs...he is like my Porche fairy godmother ?, as he put me in Touch with the guy direct and I saved some pennies... http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2005-2008-PORSCHE-BOXSTER-S-987-Gen-1-SMD-LED-DRL-Daytime-Running-Lights-UK-/271483022587?hash=item3f35a62cfb:g:5jsAAOxyXzxTGtkr but...the mod works...and the upper section of the light is on in the "Home" position. the upper LED's go off when the main beam lights are on..but the lower lesser powered section or bar is on too. would this be an MOT failure as aren't there only supposed to be one main light on at night ?
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