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  1. Hi Ya

    I'll take the grilles off your hands if they're still available please.


  2. Lonewolfgjp

    Big Air for the Boxster Part 2 !

    Great loved it 👍 I warmed the rubber couplers for the plenum up in a bucket of warm water, made them stretch on know problem. Great work looking forward to part 3👍
  3. Lonewolfgjp

    Big Air for the Boxster!

    Hi there Great video, really enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one's! I did the plenum/throttle body upgrade on my 986s and was very pleased with the results 👍 I wasn't brave enough for the 987 airbox swap though 😂
  4. Lonewolfgjp

    Centre air vents on my 987

    As far as I know you have to brake the vents to remove them with out removing the dash. I ve read a how to before and it's not as scary as it sounds, the new vents simply snap back in. But I would definitely check they are broken before you resort to swapping them ?
  5. Lonewolfgjp

    They've written my 986 off

    Loving the new car, Seal Grey is a great colour although I'm very biased ? The full leather trim is a real bonus too, glad you are all sorted again ?
  6. Lonewolfgjp

    How to - Upgrade to a 996 Instrument Cluster

    Both covers off and a normal spanner! Awkward to get to but easy to remove and refit?
  7. Lonewolfgjp

    How to - Upgrade to a 996 Instrument Cluster

    Hi there I removed top and cover behind the seat, if you look through from the car its shoulder height. I bought a crows foot spanner but never used it as a normal spanner easily loosened it up. As for the wiring I can't help I just used some black wire I had lying about. A bit of a fiddley job but not difficult and it's great seeing all the gauges working ?
  8. Lonewolfgjp

    How To: Purchase a budget 986 Boxster

    Great post! Really enjoyed it and covers some very valid information for potential buyers ?
  9. Hi 

    Thanks for contacting - you've seen my hunting posts, and you find more of my 2.7/S dilemma on the Newbie board. but enough about me ....

    Its not my first choice of colour, but the car does tick alot of boxes and looks great actually

    Before I dive deeper whats your guide price here, and to one that's very enthusiastic and will take alot of pride in ownership :) 


    1. Lonewolfgjp


      Hi there 

      Feel free to call or email me at


      Ideally I'm after £7k or as close as but this is a great car.

      Ive seen cars that need a lot of work and not as cosmetically good as mine go for more.

      Also I would rather it went to someone who will appreciate my hard work ?

  10. Hi Rag

    Jumped in my car again this morning and the lumpy almost cutting out tick over is back.

    I haven't had chance to have a look yet as I was heading out.

    Do you think I've still got an air leak on the airbox mod? Seems to play up when it's warm, as if there could be heat soak in the silicon elbows causing a bad seal.

    Ive used it all day last Sunday and several times in the week although Thursday night it felt a little unstable.

    I need to get to the bottom of this as I need a car that is useable.

    Any tips or ideas.....

    Thanks in advance 

  11. Trying to upload early picture after first  clean 

    1. Lonewolfgjp


      How do you upload photos for IPhone? Driving me mad trying!