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  1. Looks good to me, that’s about as good as you get touching in stone chips 🍟
  2. I would imagine this tool would work better with some of the all in one touch ups off eBay. Their formulas don’t require the extra clear coat/lacquer 👍
  3. Lonewolfgjp

    Replacing the rear mud flap

    Great guide and doesn’t it look a lot better. These mudflaps seem to take a beating, I think I’ve got one that could do with replacement 👍
  4. Lonewolfgjp

    How to - Upgrade to a 996 Instrument Cluster

    I never got into reprogramming the clocks but I did find someone who thought they could do. I actually changed my car about a month after completion but I enjoyed the 996 clocks and having all the gauges working 👍
  5. Lonewolfgjp

    Bluetooth for my 987

    You maybe lucky and just plugging into the cd changer may work. I can’t imagine you would need it programming but nothing would surprise me with Porsche electronics?
  6. Lonewolfgjp

    Keeping pesky cats off your Boxster ?

    Primrose.co.uk £30 for two delivered next day ?
  7. Lonewolfgjp

    Keeping pesky cats off your Boxster ?

    I was suffering a bit from a neighbours cat using my Boxster as an expensive cat basket. Never really had any issues before but I’ve heard people on here having problems. I looked at my options and they are quite limited and also I doubt half of them don’t work. But there’s hope!!!!! These work!!! Its only been 3 days but the neighbors cat hasn’t been anywhere near our house let alone the car. Its still early days but the cat would of normally be on my car by now ??
  8. Lonewolfgjp

    Roof cleaning

    Try the Autoglym kit first and maybe a soft nail brush on the stubborn bits. If it is still a bit green try V-Fix mound and mildue remover, about £10 off eBay. The VFix really worked on some stubborn bits on my 987?
  9. Lonewolfgjp

    Alloy and tyre cost

    Same question I would be asking just about a painted wheel. Would it fully refurbished or a cheeky paint blow in? Either way I think your £700 would go a long way covering any of these little mishaps that probably won’t happen ?
  10. Lonewolfgjp

    Alloy and tyre cost

    Sounds expensive but worth while for the tyres, I would be enquiring what the alloy wheel part covered. Most of them just send a smart repairman who sprays silver paint on your diamond cut wheel and classes it as a repair. If it does cover you to have your wheel professionally recut then it’s definitely worth it. Im not sure what OPC insurance covers as they are all different but definitely worth asking exactly what your covered for ?
  11. Hi Ya

    I'll take the grilles off your hands if they're still available please.


  12. Lonewolfgjp

    Big Air for the Boxster Part 2 !

    Great loved it ? I warmed the rubber couplers for the plenum up in a bucket of warm water, made them stretch on know problem. Great work looking forward to part 3?
  13. Lonewolfgjp

    Big Air for the Boxster!

    Hi there Great video, really enjoyed it and looking forward to the next one's! I did the plenum/throttle body upgrade on my 986s and was very pleased with the results ? I wasn't brave enough for the 987 airbox swap though ?
  14. Lonewolfgjp

    Centre air vents on my 987

    As far as I know you have to brake the vents to remove them with out removing the dash. I ve read a how to before and it's not as scary as it sounds, the new vents simply snap back in. But I would definitely check they are broken before you resort to swapping them ?
  15. Lonewolfgjp

    They've written my 986 off

    Loving the new car, Seal Grey is a great colour although I'm very biased ? The full leather trim is a real bonus too, glad you are all sorted again ?