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  1. I ve has this before with design 911, always worth checking the prices elsewhere. So basically you could of had a pair from Porsche for the price of one from design 911💩
  2. I would recommend using the Porsche oem bushes, 4 needed in total about £30 all in👍
  3. Hi Mate,next week i'm going to fit the spyder front spoilers you recommended.Any tips ?ie type of fastners to use,did you drill the 2 small pilot holes to accept the 2 locating pins on the front ? or did you just rely on the adhesive strips to fit it ? If easier i don't mind giving you a telephone call to discuss/pick your brains



  4. I went with M&S bank loan, much cheaper than any finance I found 👍
  5. I think considering how bad they were they have come out well. I have only ever repainted calipers that have been originally red so I’ve never had to etch primer. I tend to put a coat of lacquer over even if the red paint I’ve used says you don’t need it. I find they stay glossier for longer with the extra coat of lacquer. You haven’t got to go crazy, just a couple of light coats will do it 👍
  6. Hi there Its normally grease/silicone that causes these types of problems. I think I sand the problem spots and put a bit of primer on them. Give them a light sand again and dust some red over the freshly primed spots. The primer should help stop the reaction 👍
  7. Hi Lonewolf

    Liking the splitters, take it you are based in the Blackcountry?

  8. I ve got a few chips to do on mine, I’m thinking about using the Dr Colour chip. I used on my last seal grey Boxster and it worked very well. Ive got a Dr Colour chip kit here, ready to use on my friends Altas Grey Cayman. I may try a bit at the weekend but his car needs some major polishing first👍
  9. Looks good to me, that’s about as good as you get touching in stone chips 🍟
  10. I would imagine this tool would work better with some of the all in one touch ups off eBay. Their formulas don’t require the extra clear coat/lacquer 👍
  11. Great guide and doesn’t it look a lot better. These mudflaps seem to take a beating, I think I’ve got one that could do with replacement 👍
  12. I never got into reprogramming the clocks but I did find someone who thought they could do. I actually changed my car about a month after completion but I enjoyed the 996 clocks and having all the gauges working 👍
  13. You maybe lucky and just plugging into the cd changer may work. I can’t imagine you would need it programming but nothing would surprise me with Porsche electronics?
  14. I was suffering a bit from a neighbours cat using my Boxster as an expensive cat basket. Never really had any issues before but I’ve heard people on here having problems. I looked at my options and they are quite limited and also I doubt half of them don’t work. But there’s hope!!!!! These work!!! Its only been 3 days but the neighbors cat hasn’t been anywhere near our house let alone the car. Its still early days but the cat would of normally be on my car by now ??
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