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  1. Yes great video, interesting to watch if you own a PSE. I had trouble with mine on my 987.2, one of the valves wasn’t opening. I ended up freeing it up with some wd40 and cleaning it up with some wire wool. It sounds beautiful now👌 And I always switch it on and off on every journey just to make sure it doesn’t seize up 👍
  2. Interesting topic, I repair alloys for a living and do so for most of the main dealerships. But I don’t do wheel insurance work, they use a separate firm of bodgers that just do smart repairs for the “wheel insurance customers “ It maybe suitable for a general PCP type car but I don’t recommend it for your pride and joy type cars! You really do get what you pay for 😉 but equally it maybe enough just to hand the pcp car back to the dealership 👍
  3. I ve has this before with design 911, always worth checking the prices elsewhere. So basically you could of had a pair from Porsche for the price of one from design 911💩
  4. I would recommend using the Porsche oem bushes, 4 needed in total about £30 all in👍
  5. Hi Mate,next week i'm going to fit the spyder front spoilers you recommended.Any tips ?ie type of fastners to use,did you drill the 2 small pilot holes to accept the 2 locating pins on the front ? or did you just rely on the adhesive strips to fit it ? If easier i don't mind giving you a telephone call to discuss/pick your brains



  6. I went with M&S bank loan, much cheaper than any finance I found 👍
  7. I think considering how bad they were they have come out well. I have only ever repainted calipers that have been originally red so I’ve never had to etch primer. I tend to put a coat of lacquer over even if the red paint I’ve used says you don’t need it. I find they stay glossier for longer with the extra coat of lacquer. You haven’t got to go crazy, just a couple of light coats will do it 👍
  8. Hi there Its normally grease/silicone that causes these types of problems. I think I sand the problem spots and put a bit of primer on them. Give them a light sand again and dust some red over the freshly primed spots. The primer should help stop the reaction 👍
  9. Hi Lonewolf

    Liking the splitters, take it you are based in the Blackcountry?

  10. I ve got a few chips to do on mine, I’m thinking about using the Dr Colour chip. I used on my last seal grey Boxster and it worked very well. Ive got a Dr Colour chip kit here, ready to use on my friends Altas Grey Cayman. I may try a bit at the weekend but his car needs some major polishing first👍
  11. Looks good to me, that’s about as good as you get touching in stone chips 🍟
  12. I would imagine this tool would work better with some of the all in one touch ups off eBay. Their formulas don’t require the extra clear coat/lacquer 👍
  13. Great guide and doesn’t it look a lot better. These mudflaps seem to take a beating, I think I’ve got one that could do with replacement 👍
  14. I never got into reprogramming the clocks but I did find someone who thought they could do. I actually changed my car about a month after completion but I enjoyed the 996 clocks and having all the gauges working 👍
  15. You maybe lucky and just plugging into the cd changer may work. I can’t imagine you would need it programming but nothing would surprise me with Porsche electronics?
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