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  1. Locktons Windscreen policy

    Not sure, what sort of damage are you talking about? Here's the policy details http://locktonperformance.com/scheme-policy.html
  2. Locktons Windscreen policy

    Update. just phoned Locktons about windscreen claim and I can just choose whichever repaired I want and either get them to invoice Locktons, or pay and claim back. No issue with using OEM windscreen🙂 Very impressed with this policy, was a little more expensive than other options, but looks like when it matters, the extra is worth it.
  3. Agree with Haggis, most of those would be better off on specialist policies with limited mileage. The cheaper polices have restrictions such as garaging or no commuting, so that may limit you. It's just a bit of hassle dealing with 5 different companies, but doesn't need to be too bad. My classic policy on my spitfire seems to hover around £100, so I just leave it with that insurer. My 107 is the main car, so just do a comparison each year and tell my current insurer to match it, which they invariably do. Takes 5 minutes and cost £163.86 this year. Boxster is the expensive one at £350, but does come with extras. Definitely worth investigating.
  4. Can't find my policy docs at the moment and have a cracked windscreen🙁, anyone know what the windscreen policy is like with locktons? I've read too many bad experiences on here with Autoglass using pattern parts that don't fit to want to mess around with non OEM. The current glass is Pilkington and I think I have a receipt for the Autoglass replacement in my history folder from a previous owner. It's cracked from the bottom edge, so suspect it was a cr*p install last time as no impacts that I am aware of, it just cracked sat on the drive. I've got the PCGB policy if it makes a difference.
  5. Car Allowance

    Great news, that will make a chunky maintenance fund with plenty left over for some tasteful upgrades🙂
  6. Insurance renewal time...

    And you get a year's free PCGB membership, not that I've used mine so far having missed the track day at Oulton Park a couple of weeks ago☹️
  7. Winter storage & tyre flat spots

    I left my spitfire for six years with normal pressure in the tyres and didn't notice any flat spots when I drove it again. That's my anecdote, does anyone have an anecdote about when their tyres did get flat spots and how long it took? I suspect you'll have no problem, but would just pump the tyres to max pressure just as insurance, as long as you remember to let them down again when you drive it next. Maybe put a note on the steering wheel.
  8. Car Allowance

    Do you use your car for much business mileage? Do you take clients in it or visit client premises? Just wondering whether they might be happy to make an exception for a well kept Porsche?
  9. Insurance renewal time...

    I had that with Greenlight last year as they wouldn't insure me as it was my first Boxster/RWD sportscar. I'll try them again now I'm an experienced driver?
  10. Insurance renewal time...

    Why? I used them last year and seemed like a good deal. Just got my renewal and hasn't been hiked like some do.
  11. They've written my 986 off

    Well done, looks like you've got a really nice car there?
  12. Another insurance scam

    Why is the car insurance industry so fecked up? It just seems to attract dubious business practises and outright con men (and women). I suppose it's a big business with lots of money flowing around and so everyone wants a cut of the action.
  13. They've written my 986 off

    I believe total loss value means they take the car away. He'd have to then ask to buy the car back to part it out if they let him. Some insurers have deals with salvage company's.
  14. They've written my 986 off

    http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5485423&highlight=ombudsman this is only 5 pages and covers the lead up to the court case, but has links to previous iterations of the same issue that runs to 20 odd pages. Make yourself a cup of coffee and go to the loo before you start?