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  1. You can only just see the new line going into the junction. I only needed to take the headlight unit itself out. I was using copper and bent that first bend after the junction after I'd flared the end with the union on it. May have used an old socket with a groove round it to form the tight bend as the brake pipe fitted nicely in the groove to avoid crushing.
  2. I think they mentioned it in this thread
  3. To help with getting air out of the system it is useful to leave the back of the car on axle stands with the bleed valve open when you first run it upto temperature with a few revs.
  4. Dodgy line in OSF wheelarch😳, literally fell apart as it was removed. These are useful Need to shield bits from heat and best to use a proper flared brake spanner Useful to make up some connectors to blank off when you remove pipes, just a connector with the copper pipe crimped with pliers Need to drop front ARB to get pipe across front of car. You need to feed in the pipe across the rear from the middle of the open clamshell/engine cover all the way and then feed it all the way back to the other wheel. No problems doing on axle stands, patience in removing the old connector is key as it would be easy to break things by being too rough. Lots of heat/cold cycles and tighten nuts slightly first to break corrosion before undoing. It was easier than replacing my exhaust manifolds😀
  5. I replaced the whole lot as once I started looking closely the rust was quite widespread. Worst area was just under the OSF inner wheelarch which you won't see normally unless you take the wheel off and get your head in there with a torch. You may be luckier than me. I gave some tips in my running report (last page) There is one line from the distribution point in the NSF wheelarch to a junction halfway down the sill where it splits into two lines. One goes to the NSR caliper and the other goes via the NSR wheelarch and then across the bulkhead behind the engine to the OSR caliper. On mine, the corrosion on this line wasn't too bad and it is a bugger to replace, so if it's just the front to rear lines that are rusted, might be more practice to put a joint around the NSR wheelarch somewhere. I've got some more photos from when I did the job if there is anything you want some more detail on.
  6. Good find, I used similar, but they were 125mm in length and I had to cut them down. Just checked on them over a year later and all is good.
  7. I'm intrigued that there is a car that it is not feasible to own without commuting in it🤔 What car is it that compels you to commute? Vectra?
  8. It also covers your spouse or partner driving any car.
  9. Great persistence in not letting yourself be fobbed off that it can't be done. Hopefully save a few other forum members a big bill in the future🙂
  10. Lovely job😎, any slight imperfections you notice while spraying will be lost when on the car. I made a right pigs ear of my fronts with paint reactions etc, but they still looked good unless you were on your knees peering through the wheels at them😀
  11. Don't worry, they extract the urine on new customers too. I've had my 107 with LV and my Boxster with A-plan, then Locktons, but heard so much about multicar I thought I'd give it a try. Admiral came up with £690 which is £200 more than using a specialist for the Boxster. Asked LV for their Multicar and they came back with £480 for both, but mentioned they also do Classic policies so I asked for a quote for just the Boxster and they came back with £144😂, 107 was £244, so I did a comparison search and got £160 from Hastings direct as LV were unwilling to price match as they have in previous years. I pretty much just want to be legally covered to drive since neither car is worth much, so this is perfect. Still can't believe how cheap the Boxster cover is. Just need to tax it and then it's back on the road😀.
  12. Cheers, like you, I've been with them years, but always get them to match the best comparison website price each year. My Boxster is SORN at present, but unfortunately the last two policies with AIB and Locktons didn't accrue NCB, so will try adding when the policy is up for renewal in March.
  13. That's interesting, I'm with LV and hadn't realised you could do multicar with them. Do you build up separate NCB for each car?
  14. I suspect the Boxster would be cheaper to insure as the 'normal' car as the Alpina will have high parts prices. Do you ever drive to work in either car? My Classic policy excludes commuting. Maybe try a few dummy quotes on a comparison website.
  15. I have full NCB on my 107 and have insured my (now sold) Spitfire on a classic policy for the last three years and the Boxster first year with A-plan and currently with Locktons. Assuming I continue to insure the 107, do I actually have any further NCB accrued that I could use on the Boxster, or do some policies not accrue NCB?
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