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  1. Cheers, like you, I've been with them years, but always get them to match the best comparison website price each year. My Boxster is SORN at present, but unfortunately the last two policies with AIB and Locktons didn't accrue NCB, so will try adding when the policy is up for renewal in March.
  2. That's interesting, I'm with LV and hadn't realised you could do multicar with them. Do you build up separate NCB for each car?
  3. Nobbie

    Insurance Help Please

    I suspect the Boxster would be cheaper to insure as the 'normal' car as the Alpina will have high parts prices. Do you ever drive to work in either car? My Classic policy excludes commuting. Maybe try a few dummy quotes on a comparison website.
  4. I have full NCB on my 107 and have insured my (now sold) Spitfire on a classic policy for the last three years and the Boxster first year with A-plan and currently with Locktons. Assuming I continue to insure the 107, do I actually have any further NCB accrued that I could use on the Boxster, or do some policies not accrue NCB?
  5. Get your quote 20-23 days before renewal for the best price according to this https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/latesttip/?weeklytip=01-08-2018&utm_source=MSE_Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_term=31-Jul-18-10145&utm_campaign=nt-highlights&utm_content=1#hiya
  6. Nobbie

    Late MOT

    They can only make a judgement on what they can see. If you sand down the pipe and paint it, they have no way of knowing whether the pipe has corroded badly or not. They cannot infer from this that is is badly corroded underneath. I'd take it to the MOT without treating it as you want to know if they think they need replacing. If they pass with an advisory, or whatever they are called now, then you can treat them to prevent further deterioration.
  7. Nobbie

    Alloy and tyre cost

    Why not just google for tyre and alloy insurance and pick the best deal. Likely that OPC are just reselling one of these policies with a huge markup. Always worth checking the T&Cs for claim limits and repair policies before parting with cash.
  8. Nobbie

    Late MOT

    Good point there, you are only allowed to drive to/from a pre-booked MOT.
  9. Nobbie

    Late MOT

    Correct, I have just had this with my car after some work over ran on my driveway. The only possible issue is that some Insurance policies state that an MOT should be in force at all times, so technically you shouldn't park on a public road with no MOT if this is the case with your policy. I did have a visit from plod about my 107 parked on the public road without an MOT when some busybody neighbour reported it to the police. He just advised me to get it MOT'd or off the road. It's also fine to drive to and from an MOT station without a valid MOT as long as the car is roadworthy which is different to merely having an MOT and relates to various safety critical things like structural rust, major braking system and suspension faults - basically stuff you would be an idiot to drive with anyway. You can have an unroadworthy car with a valid MOT ( fault develops after test) as well as a roadworthy car with a fail certificate where the fail is due to high emmisions. My Boxster failed on number plate light and blowing exhaust, but was fine to drive home for repair. If it had said leaking brake pipe then I wouldn't have driven home as it would have been unroadworthy.
  10. Nobbie


    When I got my 986 2.5 a couple of years back I asked Greenlight on here for a quote, but they declined on the basis I had no experience of powerful rear wheel drive cars. I went with A Plan instead who had no such bar. Why not put your details into a comparison website, this will give you a ballpark figure which a specialist broker should be able to better. @Southy's idea is a good one.
  11. Nobbie

    Insurance renewal time...

    Is it your only car? Is it just social, domestic and pleasure, not commuting? I'd be expecting £1k plus. Maybe try one of the forum insurance sponsors or go on a comparison site to get a ballpark and then try the more specialist brokers.
  12. Nobbie

    Locktons Windscreen policy

    Not sure, what sort of damage are you talking about? Here's the policy details http://locktonperformance.com/scheme-policy.html
  13. Nobbie

    Locktons Windscreen policy

    Update. just phoned Locktons about windscreen claim and I can just choose whichever repaired I want and either get them to invoice Locktons, or pay and claim back. No issue with using OEM windscreen? Very impressed with this policy, was a little more expensive than other options, but looks like when it matters, the extra is worth it.
  14. Agree with Haggis, most of those would be better off on specialist policies with limited mileage. The cheaper polices have restrictions such as garaging or no commuting, so that may limit you. It's just a bit of hassle dealing with 5 different companies, but doesn't need to be too bad. My classic policy on my spitfire seems to hover around £100, so I just leave it with that insurer. My 107 is the main car, so just do a comparison each year and tell my current insurer to match it, which they invariably do. Takes 5 minutes and cost £163.86 this year. Boxster is the expensive one at £350, but does come with extras. Definitely worth investigating.
  15. Can't find my policy docs at the moment and have a cracked windscreen?, anyone know what the windscreen policy is like with locktons? I've read too many bad experiences on here with Autoglass using pattern parts that don't fit to want to mess around with non OEM. The current glass is Pilkington and I think I have a receipt for the Autoglass replacement in my history folder from a previous owner. It's cracked from the bottom edge, so suspect it was a cr*p install last time as no impacts that I am aware of, it just cracked sat on the drive. I've got the PCGB policy if it makes a difference.