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  1. Insurance renewal time...

    I had that with Greenlight last year as they wouldn't insure me as it was my first Boxster/RWD sportscar. I'll try them again now I'm an experienced driver?
  2. Insurance renewal time...

    Why? I used them last year and seemed like a good deal. Just got my renewal and hasn't been hiked like some do.
  3. They've written my 986 off

    Well done, looks like you've got a really nice car there?
  4. Another insurance scam

    Why is the car insurance industry so fecked up? It just seems to attract dubious business practises and outright con men (and women). I suppose it's a big business with lots of money flowing around and so everyone wants a cut of the action.
  5. They've written my 986 off

    I believe total loss value means they take the car away. He'd have to then ask to buy the car back to part it out if they let him. Some insurers have deals with salvage company's.
  6. They've written my 986 off

    http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=5485423&highlight=ombudsman this is only 5 pages and covers the lead up to the court case, but has links to previous iterations of the same issue that runs to 20 odd pages. Make yourself a cup of coffee and go to the loo before you start?
  7. They've written my 986 off

    Yes, they are. I've read a long thread where someone was unhappy with the settlement offered. At first I thought they were a bit of a nutter, but they eventually got a result. The Ombudsman will basically say that as long as they are using a reasonable method to ascertain value, then they will not deem it unfair. Using a trade guide Will be deemed a reasonable method. The guy I read about actually took them to court and they eventually settled just before the court date after various threats over legal fees etc. I'll see if I can find the thread.
  8. They've written my 986 off

    I wonder if you can use the hire car cost as leverage to get this sorted ASAP. Maybe contact the third party insurer with a proposal for them to payout a fair value based on evidence supplied by you taking into account haggling on advertised prices. Suggest that if they they don't want to settle now, that you will be going through the accident management company of your own insurer, getting a hire car and ouch my neck is feeling very stiff all of a sudden. From their point of view it would make sense to settle for a slightly increased value on the car rather than be lumbered with thousands in car hire and legal costs where the only winners are the accident management company and lawyers. Good luck
  9. They've written my 986 off

    That does seem very low, go on autotrader and copy all the ads for cars of that age and mileage. Work out the average asking price and send to your insurance company along with copies of the ads. They normally respond well to evidence as they realise you know what you are talking about rather than just moaning. Good luck, and sorry to hear about your car?
  10. Adding additional miles

    One of the sponsors of this forum declined to insure me on the Boxster because I didn't have a year's experience of driving a Boxster. I told them I regularly drive a RWD Spitfire and have had powerful cars in the past. My 204bhp Tiptronic Boxster is hardly a rocket ship?
  11. Adding additional miles

    This A limited miles policy would seem to imply that you are only covered upto the limit quoted, whereas a general policy, where they ask you to estimate the annual mileage is likely to be more flexible as you've given an estimate. I'd be nervous driving a car that's done 6K on a 5K limited miles policy, but wouldn't worry about driving a car that's done 13k in the last month of a policy where I estimated 12k per annum. Mind you, none of my cars are worth more than £4K, so if the insurer didn't payout, I wouldn't be too worried. Might not be so relaxed with a new 718?
  12. Adding additional miles

    Smacks to me of price gouging while they've got you by the short and curlies?. If you change mileages on quotes it seemed to make little difference. Not even sure if they can enforce an actual cap unless it's clearly stated when you take out a policy, although may be different with a limited use policy. As long as I wasn't going way over, I wouldn't bother telling them, don't ever remember getting a refund for going under the mileage?. Each to their own?
  13. Insurance rising!

    It's because you're on a 'mission from god', like these chaps?
  14. Insurance rising!

    £96 on my Spitfire last October at age 49 despite 6 points.