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  1. @Porsche2063 tipper box is down to your choice. If anyone tells you they are not quick, let them go for a drive with @Nobbie in the Dales. His 2.5 tipper has no business being as capable as it is😱😈

    Buy the cleanest you can mechanically and enjoy only cosmetic tinkering. I’ve gone to lengths to test the burstabilty of these motors in 2.5, 2.7 and 3.2 guise and can report, they take serious punishment without complaint. I turned my 182000th mile last weekend and she’s still a fiery little vixen😈

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  2. 1 hour ago, ½cwt said:

    They run through the middle of the cams and valve gear which are pretty well lubricated?  One o-ring seals in the head and one in the cam cover to create an oil proof  shroud round the spark plug and coil assembly. You'd find this an incredibly rare issue with a vee or inline engine as gravity tends to keep the oil going down. Only a problem on flat engines where the oil will run round the tubes and can weep out around the o-ring if it is perished or gone hard and no longer makes a good seal.

    Your knowledge base is astounding. Thank you for clearing that up🙏🏿

  3. 3 hours ago, Cheddar Bob said:

    What does it sound like? 

    I've sent it back anyway. I'll go to a stainless exhaust manufacturer. They can make me one

    I went down this route and because I felt with some very nice chaps in Leeds, when the first one drones like a bastid, they made another and when that cams of its mounts they fixed it twice and it would up being an excellent sounding sports exhaust for not much money and a bit of perseverance. 
    I’ve only done the Krios mod and sports cats on my current steed. I like it’s sound right enough. I’m more taken by how she drives. If you’re out with @Harri986 there is no benefit to having a modded exhaust anyway. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, Berni29 said:


    How do they leak oil from the plug tubes? Not possible surely. The oil must be coming from above.


    There’s a reason the tubes have dual O rings. I’m not sure where but it’s deffo there. On a previous coil pack replacement the garage bust the bigger outside O ring and the dripping was instant. 

  5. I’ve enjoyed pottering on Nexen, Conti, Pirelli, Dunlop and Michelin and Goodyear...

    I bought some budget JoyRoad tyres once upon a time... I recall going out for potter with some other BOXSTER chaps when one exclaimed, “Joyroads!” With some surprise... Maybe because I was only running them on the back and had Goodyear’s on the front🤣

    5 minutes up the road later my Joyroads were sticking to the tarmac like sh.it to a blanket, but the owner of the afore mentioned shocked exclamation had found the limits of a matched set of uniroyal rain sport 3s...

    On a mostly dry surface..

    So I guess all I’m saying is, we are enthusiasts who will likely reach our limits of skill before we reach our tyres limits wet or dry. It’s good to get all the help you can, but perhaps not if it creates a false sense of security🤷🏾‍♂️

    I’d wager those Joyroads exceeded the performance of the N rated tyre that was available when my car was new 20 years ago. I’ve no evidence, just a hunch. 

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  6. 1 hour ago, the baron said:

    Ive bought a few things from DV, always good stuff, quick delivery and well packaged and a decent price to boot, but in this case I needed new so it was OPC, still cant get over D911 price.

    At least Di.ck Turpin wore a Mask😷

  7. 43 minutes ago, the baron said:

    No their not, they buy direct from OPC and add on 100% markup 😳

    sorry, just kidding. Douglas valley is a very useful breaker though. I have had some good used kit out of there. Fair prices!

  8. The Leeds one had 99k on the clock. If the engine has had a nut and both rebuild, that’s not really relevant then I suppose. It’s effectively buying a new Old stock car. 

    I’d not be tempted myself as for half the money you could build twice the car. But that’s if your not after something “original”, rather something “purposeful” 😈

  9. 4 hours ago, r1flyguy said:

    You are correct on both counts.

    Just watch any IG or YT tw*ts videoing themselves in Porsche's or bikes alike, they only seem to be able to drive fast on straight roads which i consider to be the least impressive & most boring thing to do,

    H&S has a lot to do with police being unable to hide on bends 🙂 which is good for us, thus anyone who's been out on the Bridgnorth runs will now realise why on the straight sections of the route I'm rather sedate.

    The twisties are when the funs at 🤪

    Above all, This☝️😎

  10. 40 minutes ago, Bike Loon said:

    Nor did my year 2000 986S, if you press the windows to go up while you are doing the roof it stops short but then completes when you pull the latch over but they didnt close the windows if they were down on mine

    I believe in later cars had a feature where upon opening completion, you could press the micro switch and the windows would close again if they were closed when the operation began. Thought that was cool. Guess you’re describing the other side of that feature. 

  11. Today I chopped out my knackered old ballasts

    that had meant I had no fan cooling from the front and joined up the green wires so I would have full fan speed anytime just by engaging the AC snowflake button.

    Finally I checked my landing “patina” 

    Just trying it out now and seems the jobs a good’un! 

  12. On 5/23/2020 at 3:47 PM, Tay.R said:

    Hi there

    looking at potentially purchasing a 99 986

    according to the dealer it belonged to a car club


    just wondered if anybody knows the car?


    Silver 986 - T999 BOX

    Which car club?

    “Hair Today, Gone (Driving) Tomorrow”

    “(H)air Dried”

    ”Short Cutz”


  13. On 5/8/2020 at 7:59 AM, RickLS7 said:

    The problem with the Boxster is that it's too good, to have any fun normally means you are the wrong side of the speed limit most of the time.  This is especially true of the 981/718 as they corner so flat, you never feel near the limit.  Yeah, 2nd & 3rd gear is where the fun is - on the right road of course.

    I've analysed my driving recently and discovered I speed up in the twisty bits and slow down for the straights.  Does anyone else do this?  I guess any moron can go fast in a straight line or is it mobile speed cameras are sited on straights?

    Yes. Absolutely. When I started organising runs out, that was the very premise of them. From my trips to Drive in the LA Canyons I learned the term “casual 60”.

    on B road, the implications are I hope clear. 

  14. The best BOXSTER runs I’ve had have been spent above 4000rpm in second and third gear on B roads. This is where the car comes alive. 

    my diesel Insignia Grand Sport SRI Nav will pull from low revs better than my BOXSTER, but it serves a much different purpose. 

    There’s a reason 4K is TDC on the Rev counter. The reason is, left of it is for parking, and right of it is for What its built for. 

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