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  1. 2 hours ago, Darkstar said:


    Is anyone who has been in my position willing to share their insurance offer details. That is buy back price. 

    Anyone insured a Cat car. 

    I insured a cat car it got into an aquaplane spin from which it was never to recover. 

    imsurance were very reasonable. They offered me an amount £1000 more than I’d paid for the car 18 months previously. 
    That stated they’d deducted 20% of the actual value for the Cat D. 

    I think the buy back option was £1100 which didn’t make sense for me having no garage. And no appetite for dismantling. I was most gutted to leave a recently fitted short shifter in the car. Fvcking gutted actually. But I can’t balk at the value which I though was spot on. I bought a zenith replacement which came recommended from a friend who’d considered it last time it was up for sale. Once I’d had the alignment sorted, it was nice enough to drive. 

  2. On 11/4/2019 at 5:43 PM, stupidget said:

    I might sand the S down, spray it red and see what it looks like.

    At this rate the amount of sanding that the S is going to get there'll be bugger all left of it 😁


    Just get Rolf Harris to draw it on 😖

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Terryg said:

    "Its quite possible that the more you research and plan, the “luckier“ you’ll be"😉

    @Mr96er you mean you PLANNED to buy all those cars???  I thought you knew some East London car dealers who kept getting you drunk...………………...

    Is your wife from a East London? 🥴I don’t remember 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. 9 hours ago, ½cwt said:

    OK, facts.  The alignent devices are attached to the rims.  Unless a rim is buckled the plane of the rim face must reflect the plane of the hub it sits on.  The hub is connected to the suspension members.  This gives the physical measurements.  A change in track caused by the offset (ET) of the rim between 16" and 17" would possibly put a front to rear reference measurement out (not taken on a machine like this) but not a whole set of readings off the rear axle.

    Was the measurement done on the same machine?  Even then, was it using the correct data file for the car for the settings on both occasions? Are you sure the rims are straight, no vibrations from the rear at 75 to 85 mph on the 17" rims?

    If the answer to both the above is yes, then as someone else said, I'd suspect a clout to the left rear between the two measurements, or even has the left rear rim seated properly on the hub?

    thank you 👍

    It was the same type of machine, Hunter 4 wheel laser alignment. But one in Leicester (correct file selected and confirmed) and one in Otley, where wasn’t there when they selected the file, but I use the Otley shop because they’ve made my boxsters feel and drive amazingly better before and have spent as much as 2.5hrs, including road testing to get the best results for me. 

    drove the car 160 miles yesterday with no vibrations at an speed. But good point, I have not had the wheels on a balance machine. I can do that this week👍

  5. 3 minutes ago, edc said:

    I don't think anyone will deny the fact you have 2 different geo results but it's a leap of faith to say it is fact that the wheel swap is the reason. 

    But I never said “the facts” are the wheel swap was the reason, I just stated the course Of events and pointed out the known variables at the time. 

    which included changed from 16s to 17s and from 225s to 235s rears  and driving 200 miles (approx)

    “new evidence”

    ive been told (anecdotal then) that after an alignment it’s good practice to go back after a couple of weeks of driving and get it checked again as things bed in When not  fixed on a ramp.

    maybe that’s good advice, maybe it’s not. But I’m glad I took it. 


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  6. 1 hour ago, K.I.T.T. said:

    People are entitled to their own opinions, not their own facts :)

    What’s curious about this thread is most people posting seem more inclined to change or create new “facts” to maintain an opinion held, rather than accept the facts that are in evidence and explore the possibilities that could explain them🤔

    Could anyone else offer their experience of what has actually happened? 



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  7. Great to have a range of views now.

    I’d like to offer this on behalf of those who’ve been blessed with a budget boxster Experience: 

    You can run a BOXSTER on a modest budget. 

    It helps if you start with something reasonably well sorted and you may need help establishing this before buying. 

    tyres, oil, brakes are Particular areas to pay attention to, as they are little things that can have big consequences.

    Its quite possible that the more you research and plan, the “luckier“ you’ll be😉

    Don’t completely ignore those saying £2k for the first year sorting stuff is required. But take it with a small pinch of salt. You can buy smart and have a sub £500 bill In your first year quite reasonably. (of course, you could spend more than that in a set of tyres, too! It’s not the only way to be safe though)

    The devil always collects his dues! Nothing lasts forever and you will have to replace stuff. There’s no reason why you can’t buy smart though. Original used parts, oem quality alternatives. Considered usage (I wouldn’t daily a Porsche sports car on a low budget, but as a toy, it’s proved inexpensive for me) 

    just my two pence worth, which is all I can afford to spare according to my running costs calculator 🤓

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  8. Recently I had my alignment done following a shock replacement. Results were splendid!! 
    before and after here👇

    Then I put my winter wheels on. From 16’s to 17’s and while the front remains 205 the rear goes from 225 to 235. 

    drive 200 miles and check again...

    jeepers creepers!! 

    So, if you’re planning to change to winters anytime soon, you might consider an alignment check. 

    My apologies if everyone already knew this.
    Given recent misfortune in the 986 world with foul weather mishaps, I thought it might be a timely reminder👍

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  9. I’m not certain about your maths.

    buying a £5k replacement car is going to cost £500 after insurance payout.

    other route of fixing up your damaged car is nearly £3k.

    seems logical to start with a non crashed £5k car and have your £2k ish in reserve to titivate as desired. 

    just my 2 pentheth

  10. 1 hour ago, Pordave said:

    Over the last weekend I did 371 miles over varied roads with about 220 being on motorways at motorway speeds.

    My OBC reset at the start has an average of 36.4mpg.
    I think average speed shown was about 46.

    This is pretty impressive if true for a1999 2.7 with 138,000+ on the clock.

    i know to do an accurate check I need to do brim to brim.

    Does anybody get close, or more likely couldn’t care less.



    I have a 2000 2.7 that returns very similar numbers. They are not over stressed pottering along at 50-80mph in higher gears. They are aerodynamic and light, too

  11. 2 hours ago, the baron said:

    Fitted mine the other, love the way it changes the look of the car, somebody at work said the other day, you’ve got 2 Porsche’s.

    ive had the headlining and plastic trim all covered in Boxster red alcantara on the HT and it a lovely place to sit, feels very luxurious, quieter, warmer just feels different, so in away it is like having 2 cars.

    if the weather is good, it only takes a couple of mins to take the HT off so not an issue if you get one of those rare sunny winter days

    Oh go on! Shoe more pics!! 

  12. 2 hours ago, Araf said:

    Love those wheels.  Is the car better, going up to 17s? :) 

    I certainly like the feel of these. Hard to tell how much of that is new rubber, winter rubber and wider rubber. What part sidewall plays and weight difference.

    im certainly happy with them. 

  13. On 10/30/2019 at 8:31 AM, bally4563 said:

    Currently fitting a clutch DMF and RMS, to a 2004 2.7, I've bought will then service it , tidy up a few areas( bits of trim ARB bushes, exhaust manifold bolts etc)

    Then once happy it will be up on here for sale.

    Pics please!! 

  14. Sarah

    4 hours ago, the baron said:

    Yes agreed, I was there yesterday, will be there again tomorrow 

    You could read that as a bad sign actually 🤔😬

  15. So today I got aligned and boy does it feel good! 

    which it needed after having a new shock.

    so good I decided to up my rim game...


    Now we have:

    a winter set (17s) with n2 rated contis 

    a B road Summer set (16s)  with Pirelli and Goodyear A rated wets front and back respectively 

    And a summer(track) sticky set (18s) current on Pilot Sports but looking to go more purposeful (AD08/R888r/trofeo🤔)

    a good day for Bambi then💪🏻

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  16. Have to resurrect this thread to say I met Geoff finally this evening buying some cheeky rims! 

    funniest part is we had been negotiating off forum and didn’t quite click at first who we were... once we did, obviously the price went up🤣🤣

    just kidding! 

    top bloke and great to put a face to the name. Looking forward to him joining us on some dry roads next season 👍

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