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  1. Found surface rust on the tailgate of my 2009 Cayman. I guess the paint has been rubber off by opening/closing the hatch, and maybe a bit of movement when the car is driven. I cant see any signs its been painted, as the mounting bolts all look covered in factory paint. The rubber seal, which I guess is there to stop wind noise at speed, is a tight fit, so that rubs the edge also.
  2. I've got some drive on ramps, so thats how I could do the undertrays and jack points. Yeah that pretty much what I did, wire wooled them, kurust, then I used black hammerite as its more durable than body colour, and they dont really show much. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Hi folks, just made this video about some of the work I've done on my 987 Cayman, a lot of it is relevant to the 987 Boxster, so you may like it:
  4. Some weren't properly clipped in and one was broken, which I think was the main source of the leak. Someone had been there before me.....I think the window regulator may have been replaced a few years back. I'm gonna try a get a few Cayman/Boxster videos up on there so keep watching.
  5. One I made for my Cayman, but I think the Boxster is very similar. Thanks Rich
  6. Being a darker colour it shows the rash quite badly. I know now why everyone has silver or white!
  7. I've got an Aqua Blue Cayman, with the usual gravel rash on the back arches. I've just bought the Chipex kit, so I'll let you know how I get on when the weather improves.
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