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  1. You can always take out GAP insurance for the difference between a total loss and replacement price. Its not always too expensive and there are one or two specialist brokers who can put the deal together for individuals. You can get a deal which covers three years of ownership for a couple of hundred pounds (one off payment) which will give you the difference between the insurance payout and what you paid for the car. Felix
  2. Good result - like you I will be avoiding them next year due to the repair/replace to base policy - I want the car returned to the condition it was in before any incident took place. Felix
  3. Hi Greig - I think there are two things you have to consider. The first is that modification usually applies to 'further modification'. i.e. whilst under your owenrship (you change the wheels or add a spoiler). The second is that because elephant include options as modification of a standard trim level you will have a difficult time arguing that these are not modifications over the standard car. Using elephants interpretation, the OPC would be unwise to tell you have an unmodified car and their legal defence would be that you didn't explain to them that the insurer in this case views all options over a standard level of trim as modifications. Because you will have a maintenance book and a sticker under the bonnet of the car detailing all of your chosen options (each of which adds value and cost to the cars purchase price) it would be virtually impossible for you to state you complied with the T&Cs of elephants cover. Not all insurers are the same and many if not most see factory fitted options as items which increase the value of the car but not necessarily the premium. In elephants case they are stating that these items make the car more desirable and therefore more at risk - as such they normally levy an increase in premium. My own 'S' has around £12Ks worth of options - this drove up my premium with a (hardly noticeable) £70. AlanM's insurer, directline didn't increase his premium once he disclosed the options. In your case I suspect that if you didn't disclose the options and you claimed, they will be within their rights to say you witheld information impacting their assessment of the risk. That being the case they may reject your claim by invalidating your insurance. Your only recourse then would be to revert to the OPC that signed a statement making it clear your car was standard (check the wording - it must say your car is standard - it is not acceptable to have something which states your car has not been modified since leaving the factory - these are two different states - remember a standard S is the one you can get for £38K - you will not see many of those on the road!) hope this helps Felix
  4. Hi Greig in the intersests of fully informing the forum for people to make their own decision with as much information as possible, i have one or two observations for you. The terms standard car and base car have long confused people but the well established legal precedent is that 'a standard vehicle is one which has no addiditonal options, instruments or modifications supplied and/or fitted' (case law established this in the late 60's). Mid 70's saw a minor accepted amendment refering to base level being an accepted trim level leaving the factory. Standard being the term applied to different trim levels - each leaving the factory without further modification or additional options. Elephant do NOT differentiate between additions at the factory or post production. This is clear in their policies. having studied the case papers for the mas case - the situation is that the offending item was in respect of sat/nav which was factory fitted as an option (at build). he had not told them of this original factory upgrade when he insured the vehicle. The vehicle was regarded as modified from the standard trim level and his claim was rejected after a court case - costs awarded against him. In respect of valuations, you will no doubt have found the wonderful quotes in the small print (standard with most insurance policies) - you can tell them the car is worth £3m if you like - you wont get that if you claim. You will get the market value of the car at the point of the claim. You will not necessarily get the costs of any options (in fact with elephant you will NOT get the cost of any options included within the claimed amount - ie someone nicks your wheels and they were fatory fitted 18" sport designs and you will get paid out an amount equal to the cost of the standard fcatory fit alloy). Some insurance companies will pay out based upon what is called an agreed amount valuation - usual with collectors/classic cars - you need to foot the bill for the valuation every year and they need to agree with you that is the amount they will pay out. So if glasses says your car is worth 30K - thats what you will get - even if you paid 40K for the thing. (this month's In search of excellence magazine has an article about a poor sod who insured his car for $35K and got $25k paid out) Confused.com - yep these guys don't really help matters but if you check their small print (T&Cs) on their website it actually makes it clear - "It is very important that you answer all questions truthfully and that you disclose all relevant facts. If you do not provide your insurer with the information they have asked for or fail to tell them about any change (for example, any information likely to influence the assessment of your risk) it could invalidate your insurance. If you are in any doubt whether any information is relevant, you should tell your proposed insurance provider before you accept their quotation." As your legal counsel will explain - the last line is their getout clause. The courts would almost certainly say you should have confirmed the situation with the insurer - not the agent (the agents liability does not extend to you in cases of information you are required to provide the insurer with - in this case since the elephant documentation provides a differing intrpretation, it supercedes the confused intrpretation of modified.) Whatever is, or is not the case, I think leaving it to be challenged in court is a high risk strategy. I appreciate your brother trashed his MR2 and had a full pay out but on the basis of what happened to the mas owner and the fcat that I have already confirmed all this with elephant I would suggest its too high a risk - if (heaven forbid) I suffer a total lost - I want a pay out. Felix
  5. Hi Greig I am with elephant also - I would suggest you take a look at the small print since it refers to non-standard options - you would be hard pressed to deny having any non standard options fitted unless you take the basic car as specified through the porsche configurator. the acid test of course is at the point of claim and not the point at which you take out the policy - could be an expensive oversight and they are unlikely to cover you for any of the non-standard options (for example the alum. pack and CD are treated the same - interior modifications and therefore once you tell them about one you might as well tell them about the lot - no impact on premium for additional 'interior modifications' - equally you can have 18" alloys and an aerokit covered by elephant under external modifications etc etc). For those in the know - the test case by admiral (elephant) went to the insurance omburdsman last year - found in favour of Admiral - they refused a payout on a wrecked maserati - owner out of pocket by some 40K because he invalidated his policy with them by not disclsosing his upgrade of the ICE to include sat/nav Felix
  6. I insure with Elephant/admiral and was a little pi55ed when they asked me for the list of options - it didn't have that much impact on the price (£70) since pretty much everything gets categorised as either interior modifications or exterior modifications (the real crippler is if you have ENGINE modifications). However, I wasn't best pleased with the policy bit that tells you they will only pay for the standard item to be replaced not the optional item. I am certain there is a way around it since it wold be dangerous for them to replace a missing wheel with the 'standard' item if you have 18" Sport Designs all round! Felix
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