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  1. Thanks for this. Mine just gone and ordered one from opc, £30. will be doing at w/e and probably would have been fooled by the cir-clip thingy. alan
  2. Thanks , I will check what model it is, thanks for offer. Alan
  3. alank

    oil change

    Hi want to change oil/filter in my S, can I do it by just jacking up one side, undoing drain, letting oil out, remove filter, then drop car to level off to drain all oil out. Jack up and replace Plug and filter. Or is it better to raise rear using both jacking points. Thanks
  4. Hi I have a 2003 3.2 s with Porsche radio/changer in boot. I want to change battery in car but do not have radio code. The owners book says it needs a code. How can I keep power on car whilst changing battery. Can I link another battery onto battery leads, or use + ve terminal in fuse box, with - ve going to chassis , whilst fitting the new one. Thanks
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