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  1. You could try LV. I have a Nissan Juke and my Boxster on for £297. 10 years no claim, and 2 main drivers. They were better than Aviva who hiked the policy by 30% to £447. When I queried this with their advert of not increasing price I was given the run around so just said cancel. They would not match LV price either.
  2. I've used a Festool denibber on a previous car with good results. You paint the chip with the original paint. Then sort of build up a blister of clear coat then use the Festool to take off the high spot. Polish with a DA or rotary. You may have to key the chip before hand as on occasion, I managed to pull the repair out with the Festool. Results were very good. Unfortunately I think in your case you may have to respray or get someone like a Chips away specialist to do it.
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