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  1. Greenman

    981 garage remote door opener switch mod

    Looks awesome, a great mod. As said, you just need a suitable garage door icon to finish it off.
  2. I don't use NFU but my wife has used them for years on various horse boxes, trailers etc etc, she has had a couple of claims and they have been brilliant, highly recommended if their quote is competitive for you. I may check them out for a quote at my next renewal.
  3. Greenman

    981 clear wind deflector MK2

    Yeh, a mesh guard should produce less turbulence in the cabin as it doesn't just deflect the backdraft over the top it also allows some through the mesh at a low speed and prevents the deflected flow curling back into the cabin. (In theory). If you do get this problem you may be able to mitigate by drilling small holes in the Perspex, would be a bit hit and miss though. Have you had any issues with rattling ? You may need to put som tape or similar in the frame to prevent rattling I would have though.
  4. Hi I would like mushroom men and banana skins if possible.

    Wayne Green

    Autumn Cottage

    Buxton Rd


    High Peak

    SK23 6DT

    Many thx.