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  1. Should be fine then, insurance companies would never behave in such a way😉
  2. I think it is, I can only speak for my own policies obviously but I phoned a few companies for clarification and none did blanket cover for Europe with full cover (rather than TP only), now I would be delighted to be proved wrong.
  3. This is a bit of a minefield for me as I drive to Ireland regularly and unless I notify them each time I am third party only. I cannot notify them for each trip and pay, it isn't practical
  4. Brilliant marketing then! Funny but be wary of the PC Police......................... oh no surely you're not gonna tell me..........
  5. Araf is correct, I run an ecommerce business and we cannot refund a transaction straight away as the merchant bank won't let us, don't panic just yet I sometimes get calls from customers saying they can't see the refund even when I have managed to process it, they always get them in the end.
  6. Looked at the price, was mystified, then looked at the car....... ahhhhh!
  7. Thanks @cj225 used exactly the same speakers and a great improvement particularly for the money.
  8. I don't recall it being that slow either
  9. I have very little NCB as I lived in Irelan for 26 years. The only way I could insure the Boxster was as a second car for limited mileage only, even then some of the quotes were mad, one company even asked if I was used to driving a rear wheel drive car with 250bhp. I am 56 and been driving since I was 16 (moped) and 17 (car). So yesin some circumstances it makes a difference.
  10. I bet the second bit makes a big dent in the first bit. Only good thing about Stockport is cheap housing, no one wants to live here.
  11. Good job you get big salaries and cheap houses..... Hee hee
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