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  1. Remember of course that most.........some insurance policies include first year (on new cars) new for old, so for them you only need GAP for the second/third year which is what I bought from ALA, you can buy it at time of delivery and postpone the start of the policy.
  2. I have used ALA for the last two new cars........excellent service.
  3. There is a "non slip" accessory bit that clips on them so if you use them on a smooth surface they will not suffer that problem, I bought a set of four for £10. http://www.johnscross.co.uk/fiamma-anti-slip-plate-grey.html Or of course if you didn't want to buy them use a bit of looped washing line rope to do the same thing
  4. They are even cheaper on ebay at £14.43p including postage.....
  5. It says they are just over eight inches wide, and with a 265 tyre the tread contact patch should be just over both sides, not enough to cause an issue I'd have thought, but it is something I will be checking.
  6. Great idea, just ordered two pairs.....discount code for 10% is WORLD16..........
  7. Great, well if I keep it long enough to become a classic it'll be even cheaper
  8. Well I suppose it is all down to how much damage they can do when slamming into something else....
  9. OK only just found (preliminary viewing Monday) our Boxster we think so I decided to check out a few insurance quotes........doing the usual CTM.com stuff, I got a premium FC, £250 VE + £250 C, Windscreen, Euro cover 30 days, 62 yrs old, full NCD....................£189........and that is with the company I was last with 18 months ago (Hastings) who were excellent with a no fault parking side crunch I got at work (car empty and parked) four years ago, so quite happy to proceed if all goes well, even get six weeks from start of cover to inform them of my Reg change over without charge, I thought that was good nowadays, as it appears most insurers want to charge if you ring up to ask the bl00dy time! Quite surprised as it is £100 less than the Lexus RX the cover was on last time....hmmm
  10. Hello, just a quick question really as to why your selling your PDK and looking for a manual version possibly?

    I would have asked within the sales post but still about 10 posts short of enough!

    I ask as we have been looking for a 2009> PDK but so many manuals around it might be an option.

    Best regards



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