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  1. I think that Post Code is a big factor in this. With my TVR / 911 Swap, I am paying well over 50% more than the old/new owner for the same cars as he lives down in rural Sussex.
  2. Is that Locktons? They were the best of the rest but business use and must be garaged at night were a problem. The car is garaged but I am having some work done on the garage in the new year and on a previous classic policy, I had to put the car into storage elsewhere as they wouldn’t insure it on the drive/road. Churchill don’t care provided it’s at the post code (checked by phone)
  3. It could be time to look at multi car. Do they allow you to have two or more drivers so multiple cars in use at the same time?
  4. Saga were the 1st people I tried and they were similar in price to my classic polices. My neighbour has a Boxster and suggested them but they quoted higher for the 911.
  5. Thanks for confirming. I get AA breakdown with my bank account so it’s just euro cover that I don’t have.
  6. Having had a modified car for a few years that was difficult to insure when you live in South London, I have been very surprised at how competitive Churchill Insurance have been on a normal car insurance policy for a similar performance/value car. There are a couple of things that I don't get but having checked a few companies, for 5000 miles, they are between 40 and 60% cheaper for a normal policy with no NCB at the start compared with a classic policy. Also, I don't have to join PCGB or keep the car in the garage overnight and I have business use and build up additional NCB as well, so overall a really good deal. Does anyone else have similar experiences?
  7. Some insurance companies just don’t like where you live. RH Insurance went off Sarf London several years back and doubled my premium having been so flexible in the past. For a modified car, I spoke with several insurers who insured friends equally or more modified cars elsewhere in the country and the premiums were a lot higher or no bid in one case.
  8. Glad it worked out ok for you and also, that the new role is all that you want it to be.
  9. Have you driven one? My son has one and I like driving it to the point that I paid the extra from when he was 17 to not have the tracker fitted for the occasions I was was behind the wheel
  10. Agreed. Business use and European cover and that is about a third of that total. Very pleased.
  11. I renewed my Boxster insurance yesterday but it is my main car, doesn't live in a garage and I am in south London. Breakdown cover was the big difference. Lots of companies in Meerkat land wouldn't offer European cover due to age so renewed with the existing provider. Not sure what the annual is as I do everything monthly - £35
  12. They didn't offer it to me. I asked about it and was advised that you have to be a member of PCGB to benefit from the scheme and they include 1st year if you are not already a member.
  13. Well, Boxster Renewal time. Churchill were a bargain last year when I switched over from my Saab. Up from £294 to £380 this year for reasons unclear from their call centre. Locktons were ok. Simple to deal with and competitive when you consider the euro breakdown cover I also wanted to add and Porsche membership included. But, you don’t accumulate or retain NCB and I would be using two specialist car policies which I am sure would be a problem at some point as I am named driver on my wife’s car, not the policy holder Mr Meerkat sorted a great deal with GA and have all the cover I want, including Euro breakdown for £400 so very happy!
  14. make sure it has business use insurance and dont make any fuss over it would be my advice - the new thing will be different and you can decide on something like this in the future if you like the new world. No point in changing something for the sake of it. I had the same situation for nearly 5 years and it came up a couple of times but nothing came of it and I used a 8 year old Saab, 15 year old TVR and 35 year old Triumph Stag for business use! It is worth remembering that benefits like this are generally cheaper for the employer than the same level of basic pay - pensions contributions are based on basic pay for instance and any business travel policies can be different meaning that you might have travel to their other offices capped to mileage policy or something similar. Good luck with the change!
  15. Less than I remembered actually. Not sure what has happened. I thought I was paying £450 ish and this £300! Need to check the paperwork as i changed from RH to Footman James. That is for the TVR though. I was getting silly quotes for the Boxster when I bought it and Churchill charged me a few £ to swap over from the Saab which was a surprise and a Result! The plan was to try to find someone who will combine them.
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