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  1. Good luck with this, sounds a nightmare !
  2. Ah thank you, glad the tribulations with my roof can help others 🙂
  3. Will always be cheaper for new customers. You get nothing for loyalty.
  4. Their number is 0808 302 2849
  5. Hiya I didn't need to use anything, there is a lot of adhesive and it's very sticky. It all just went back together fine and has been ok ever since.
  6. Yes there's no zunsports for the facelift 986 I'm afraid. I made my own, and to be honest I think they look better behind the fins than in front anyway.
  7. I got a quote from you and must say great helpful service and nice to be able to get through to someone straight away!
  8. I'd better get onto the respective insurers tomorrow. Thank you all.
  9. Ok so I have 18 years on the Boxster built up on different cars over the years including mostly my current daily. I moved it to the Box when I bought it 2 years ago as that was more expensive to insure and I know you can't have it on a 2nd car. Ever since I've declared my daily as having no years so if it went back to zero when I bought the Box should it now have 2?! I've just reinsured it too !
  10. I don't understand this. You can only use your NCB on one policy? So I have my NCB years on the Boxster and nothing on my daily. I'm adding one year every year should I be adding two?! The cars arn't on a multicar policy or even with the same insurer...
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