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  1. Roof outside of the channel or gulley

    I searched everywhere in my car for this famous piece of elastic and couldn't find it on either side. I then read an article (which for the life of me I can't find now!), which said the facelift 986's don't have them as they are replaced with plastic tabs which 'push' the roof into the channels. In the end, in my case, one of the tension cables that runs through the piping on the edge of the roof had snapped. It was an absolute bitch of a job which involves stripping some of the canvas away from the frame. I took lots of photos and could make a 'How to' on here if of any use but it seems everyone else's problem is solved by that elusive bit of elastic!
  2. Roof outside of the channel or gulley

    Mine must be the only damn car that this fix doesn't work on
  3. Exciting Times Ahead

    South West to be precise! ?
  4. Feedback On Your Dealings With Us

    From hearing about your good rep, I am truly gutted that I'm on the other side of the country!!