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  1. Car Allowance

    Bear in mind that you will be taxed on that as part of your salary, could put you in a higher tax bracket? Might be better to ask to run your Boxster and claim back as p/mile at the HMRC rates?
  2. A-plan a competitive in the quotes, Greenlight were far too expensive!
  3. Only covered for PCGB trackdays....and the PEC driving thing @ Silverstone in October! Unlimited number of days but the club days are normally expensive compared to other TDOs. Tricky decision really, I've booked the 45min session in October at Silverstone and a PCGB trackday at Oulton park in November (as it's the cheapest) but was thinking of using other trackday providers - of course you don't need insurance cover for trackdays anyway.
  4. quite surprised really... Currently with A-plan, £340 last year, 47 yr old male and slightly younger Mrs Pezky living in rural Northamptonshire, 5k miles pa, kept in garage. Renewal with A-plan £345, if I want trackday cover (5 per year) then £555 Lockton £343 including PCGB trackcover with UK & EU breakdown cover Manning wouldn't insure Mrs P as she had limited driving experience of the car, but want £389 including breakdown & trackday cover just for me
  5. How to: Fog lights as DRL: the Uktinpol 2 hack

    Fitted the diode on Sunday....works a treat and the best 9 pence mode I've ever done