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  1. Try Performance direct .https://www.performancedirect.co.uk/?infinity=ict2~net~gaw~ar~196841445249~kw~performance direct~mt~e~cmp~PD Brand Terms~ag~PD&gclid=Cj0KCQjw-JvaBRDGARIsAFjqkkoF-gq1vFZ0-qUPxepXGS0EojSxfbJE6Rup3AGZY-AvKa3l1tlM1D8aAqc0EALw_wcB got some decent quotes from them
  2. The ease in which a garage can get locking nuts off is frightening
  3. Good work as ever and nice to see you're out of hibernation , those Canadian winters must be long and cold !
  4. On a similar note , I haven't seen the customs and excise vans out and about testing for red diesel for a very long time , i suppose it's the "efficiency savings "
  5. I once forget the date of the MOT of a Ford Galaxy we had many moons ago , I was only driving around in it for 3 months before i realized it had expired , never got pulled up by the plod though !
  6. Nicely put together video , keep up the good work , where is the great looking racetrack ? it looks very quick !
  7. Good work as ever , I'm guessing your garage is freezing cold , time to get a heater ?
  8. Some good work there ! the airbox looked a real pain to do
  9. A-plan were very expensive and Greenlight couldn't even give me a quote and suggested i try Adrian Flux ! I ended up with locktons
  10. Don't waste your time with the insurance "specialists" in the sponsor zone ,complete and utter waste of time
  11. That time of year again ,hunting around for insurance , for some reason Sheila's wheels have come back as the cheapest option . Has anybody had any dealings with them , good bad ,average ?
  12. Outstanding ! thank you for that , just need a bit of good weather now , many thanks Jon
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